New Decor Trends in Hardware: 10 Inspiring Mood Boards

Check out these mood boards based on new decor trends in hardware tones and finishes and how they’re combined.

Your cabinet hardware– the knobs, handles, drawer pulls– is often the last thing you think about when you’re creating the look of your home decor. But cabinet hardware can play a major role in getting the decor look you want. It can be the finishing touch on a well-put-together room. Replacing some or all of your hardware is also an easy way to freshen up the look of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or even your front door.

In these mood boards, you’ll see paint colors, tile selections and even house numbers, too, so you can apply these decor ideas anywhere in your home, inside or out.

New Decor Trends in Hardware

Bronze with Brushed Nickel

New Decor Trends in Hardware: Bronze with Brushed Nickel

Consider mixing the warm tones of bronze and the cool tones brushed nickel to create a fresh combination of the old and new. The idea is to keep a balance between the two metals so that one doesn’t dominate the other. We kept the forms and shapes of the hardware consistent with angles, edges and lines, and that’s also reflected in the star shapes in the floor tile.

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Mixed Metals with the Same “Temperature”

New Decor Trends in Hardware: Mixed Metals with the Same "Temperature"

By keeping all the metallic tones in the same “temperature” range, you can freshen up or modernize an older look. Here we have classic oil-rubbed bronze fixtures mixed with lighter, but similarly warm Champagne bronze and brass. The shapes and lines of the knobs and drawer pulls are all fairly simple, which helps keep the look understated and approachable. This also leaves some decorative space for a few accents that have an organic, natural texture or feel.

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Brushed Nickel Balanced with Matte Black

New Decor Trends in Hardware: Brushed Nickel Balanced with Matte Black
Matte black is hot right now, and it can freshen up the look of a room dominated by brushed nickel fixtures. The black contrasts the cool, light nickel, so it adds some visual interest without calling too much attention to itself. We kept all the shapes pretty consistent from the straight-lines of the draw pulls and simple curves of the house number, to the hex tile. Notice in the mood board, too, how a few shapes and colors from nature really stand out next to the nickel and flat black fixtures.

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All Matte Black

New Decor Trends in Hardware: All Matte Black

Did we mention that matte black is hot right now? There’s no wonder why. Not only is it the most popular finish for outdoors, it’s now making its way inside, and can pair with almost any other finish. It’s super versatile and works with so many decor styles, ranging from modern to coastal. Here, the white subway tile, bent strap barn door hardware and vintage-style floor register all support an industrial look without being overwhelming.

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More Hardware Looks to Inspire

Stainless Steel
Hardware Looks to Inspire: Stainless Steel

Stainless steel or satin nickel is the more industrial sibling of brushed nickel. It can give your room an sleek, modern vibe. To balance the smooth, metallic finish, add in tactile, textured elements, such as the river rock mosaic tile and black slate you see here.

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Polished Brass

Hardware Looks to Inspire: Polished Brass

Polished brass is a tried-and-true finish that never goes out of style. It’s warm and luxurious, so pairs well with cooler tones in marble or limestone. Brass is also the world’s oldest finish, making it a natural fit for traditional homes; here we gave it a modern twist by using unique shapes and hard angles.

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Champagne Bronze

Hardware Looks to Inspire: Champagne Bronze

Champagne bronze is a new take on traditional bronze fixtures, but just as versatile. It’s comfortable in many different decor styles, including modern, coastal and even arts and crafts. Re-do your whole room with champagne bronze hardware for an elegant look that’s not fussy. Or add in some of the warmth of champagne bronze to update and balance cooler chrome or nickel fixtures.

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Brushed Nickel Updated

Hardware Looks to Inspire: Brushed Nickel Updated

Brushed nickel is another finish that never goes out of style, but you can still update the look with newer shapes and lines. Since brushed nickel is so versatile, you can have fun mixing curves, straight lines and details. We kept the overall “temperature” cool in this mood board with sophisticated shades of gray in the quartz and glass mosaic tile and the Sterling Oak vinyl flooring. As this finish plays well off of the personality of the accents around it, you can also easily warm it up by choosing a brighter paint color or deeper stain for the wood floor.

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Venetian Bronze

Hardware Looks to Inspire: Venetian Bronze

Venetian bronze is similar to oil-rubbed bronze, but often with more prominent copper undertones that give it a slightly warmer look. It’s comfortable in many architectural styles depending on the shapes and forms of the hardware you choose. Straight, geometric lines tend to work well with modern decor or craftsman style. Look for softer lines for the traditional, classic style of cottage style decor. We stuck with all Venetian bronze in this mood board, but it pairs well with nickel or champagne bronze.

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Anything Goes

Hardware Looks to Inspire: Mixed Metals and Finishes

Eclectic, mix-and-match and breaking the rules are the new norm. You can make up your own unique mix of finishes by following a couple of simple rules: Keep it balanced and intentional. If you’re mixing two finishes, keep the ratio around 60/40 or 50/50. If you’re playing with three finishes, make each finish about a third of the total. And keep shapes and lines cohesive, so there’s something to anchor the design.

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