Can’t Afford To Decorate? Think Again!

One of the biggest obstacles to revamping your home (besides motivation) is the cost.  Out with the old and in with the new can be an expensive philosophy.  Why not try working with what you have,  slashing your budget and possibly making some money out of it?  Here’s a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

Painting – the cheapest and easiest way to give a room a new, fresh look is to get out the brushes and give your tired old scheme a new life by either freshening up your existing colour scheme or changing it completely.  For relatively little cost you liven up any room.  If you’re averse to wallpapering then wall stickers are a cheap, easy way to create a theme and change the look of a room even further.

De-clutter – often, over time, items get bought (usually on impulse) when you think you’ve just got to have it and rather than buying with a specific area/use in mind, it just ends up getting plonked on a table to one side gathering dust and swallowed up by all your other nic nacs, antiques or rubbish.  Be harsh – think how you want your room to look and set about systematically removing the items that aren’t going to fit in with that idea.  De-cluttering can make a room feel instantly bigger and airier but you’ve got to be harsh with yourself.  Once you’ve trimmed it down to the bear essentials, take stock of the items you’ve removed and if it’s something you really didn’t have to have then sell it to make money to put towards your project fund or get that nice warm fuzzy feeling by giving it to charity and knowing that you’ve helped someone else.

Lighting – the look of a room can be changed dramatically by adding new shades to existing lighting options rather than buying all new lamps and fittings.  By matching items you can create a cohesive theme rather than an eclectic muddle which can instantly improve the style of a room.

Accessories – in a similar vein and cheaper than buying new furniture, cushions and accessories can add a touch of luxurious glamour at relatively low cost and completely change a rooms outlook.  Many fabric shops sell offcuts and roll ends of good quality fabrics in interesting hues and patterns at a fraction of the cost, so being handy with your hands could save you even more money and give you that truly individual look.

DIY – make your own headboards, re-model existing furniture, uses exchange sites to pick up unwanted items for little or no cost and revamp by sanding, staining, painting, changing knobs, stencilling or whatever suits your scheme.  A tired old piece can look like a funky new item in next to no time.  Frame your own photos rather than buying expensive pieces of art and create a unique and personal look or let your budding inner artist out and have a go yourself.  There are plenty of places to get great inspiration and how to guides to help you along the process.

Just a few ideas for inspiration but remember to use the correct equipment when carrying out any home improvement project.  It’s always important to wear appropriate clothing so visit somewhere like and protect yourself especially if using chemicals/adhesive or working in dusty environments and always ensure you have good ventilation.  So now there’s no excuse to keep putting off that makeover!