DC Fix 346-0012 Decorative Self-Adhesive Window Film, Snow, 17.71″ x 78″ Roll

The Freeze design window film gives glass the effect that it has fallen under an icy spell of winter. Any glass surface, including cabinets and shower doors, can be transformed with this swirling frosty look, as if water froze into a crystalized pattern of diamond ice. Peel & stick window film is simple to use, and can easily be cut to fit any space. Choose¬†Freeze to create a stylized element of privacy, to enhance the aesthetic of a glass surface, or to reduce UV rays and glare. This product comes in a 17.75×78.76 roll.Peel and stick appliques
Safe for walls
Removable and reusable
17.75-Inch by 6.56-Feet roll