Decorating tips to help you add warmth and welcome to your home

(HIB) – No matter where it is, no matter how it’s decorated, a home should always provide a sense of warmth and welcome for family and friends – and at no time is this more important than during the holidays.

As you get ready to celebrate, consider adding homey touches throughout your home to help everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Fortunately, creating this inviting atmosphere can be as simple (and cost-effective) as introducing different colors, aromas and accents to spruce up your decor for the season.

Start by focusing on the areas of the home that your guests will use the most. The design experts at Through the Country Door, a lifestyle and home decor store, offer advice on how to create a feeling of warmth and welcome in your home not only during the holiday season, but throughout the rest of the year, too:

Guest bathrooms

Expecting overnight guests? Unless your home has a guest bedroom with an attached bath, your guests will need a place to stow their toiletries during their stay – and a shared bathroom can run out of storage space quickly. A freestanding towel cabinet, such as the Ridgeway cabinet, provides storage space for towels and other items, so you can keep vanities and counter spaces free for guest use. Or, if your space is really limited, the Ridgeway Space Saver adds elegance to very practical over-the-commode storage.

Dining rooms and kitchens

Guests often gather where the food is being served, which means your kitchen and dining room are sure to see plenty of action. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the dining room is not far behind it in terms of creating a welcoming environment.

Both rooms can benefit from an infusion of seasonal colors. Vibrant red, forest green and rich gold – so appropriate during the holidays – can help create that holiday feeling. Even if your day-to-day color scheme is cooler, it’s easy to add these festive colors for special occasions. Simply choose accents and accessories that boast warm hues, such as a gorgeous floral centerpiece with red blooms and green foliage, colorful scented candles or dining chair solid color slipcovers in holiday tones.

Living room

The living room is another area where guests will stay to chat, watch a movie together or play games. Adding homespun warmth to this room can be as easy as providing guests with comfy seating, cozy throws to wrap up in and plush pillows for floor seating.

Don’t forget to give guests somewhere to park their beverages and play board games. A coffee table can be an essential entertaining piece, as well as a great way to continue your decorating theme of comfort and class. For example, the Leeds Coffee Table from Through the Country Door evokes the appearance of a 19th-century baggage cart with its metal undercarriage, handles and stationary wheels, and a well-worn, “aged” finish that makes it look like a piece right out of past.

Whatever your decorating style, it’s important that it invites guests warmly. By mixing timeless styles with fresh accents, you can create a casual, comfortable live-in look that’s both affordable and practical. For more decorating ideas visit


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