FloraCraft Styrofoam W10WS/ Rounded Edge Shrink Wrapped Wreath, 10-Inch by 2-Inch by 2-Inch, White

FloraCraft Styrofoam is perfect for craft, floral, home decor, school and any other project you are working on. Great base for floral designing with silk or dried flowers. Styrofoam is a light weight and sturdy material. You can cut, carve and sand into any shape you desire. When painting Styrofoam acrylic craft paint is recommend, some spray paints might melt the foam. You can decorate with whatever embellishments you choose. When using glue on the Styrofoam, test a small area first. Adhesives with high solvent or temperature can melt the Styrofoam.Styrofoam brand trusted by customers for over sixty years
Used for craft, floral, school and many more applications
Very lightweight, great to use as a base for decorating
Light and durable/strong, can use a variety of finishing techniques and paintable
Comes in a shrink wrapped package