Hampton Nautical Venice Decorative Squared Rowing Boat Oar Wooden Paddle Beach Home Decorating, 50″

This Wooden Venice Beach Decorative Squared Rowing Boat Oar 50″ is the perfect decorative paddle to display proudly on your wall. Breathing with the atmosphere of the sea, this nautical oar exudes the freedom found on the open ocean, and the warm competitive spirit of racing. Enjoy the warm nautical style of this Venice Beach Decorative Squared Rowing Oar 50″, indoors or out, and place it with pride. Look at our other wooden boats oars we offer such as: University Rowing Oars, Yacht Club Oars, Rowing Club Oars, Collegiate Oars, Rustic Oars and Decorative Oars and paddles. Our wooden oars are offered with and without hanging hooks in the following sizes: 24″, 36″, 50″ and 62″.Handcrafted from solid wood by our master artisans Authentic wooden oar with contoured handle
Perfect nautical wall decor Carefully hand painted using a soothing and smooth design
Hooks provided in back of oar to mount to wall All other mounting requirements not included
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