Hampton Nautical Wooden Light Blue Decorative Lobster Trap Buoy Float Beach Home Decorating Ideas, 7″

Classically themed and delightfully decorative, our Wooden Light Blue Maine Lobster Trap Buoy 7″ is sold in a set of two. This light blue and white striped wooden float is the perfect beach decor accent to your home or collection. Traditionally lobstermen would hand paint their own unique buoy to distinguish theirs amongst the many lobster trap buoys at sea. In upholding the spirit of the lobster buoy tradition, we offer a new or rustic finish, sizes of 7″, 8″, 15″ and 20″ and finally a range of colors such as: dark blue, orange, red, dark red, green, dark green, light blue, and yellow.–NOTE: For decoration only, this is not an authentic buoy/float. Wall mounting hardware not included.Excellent beach decorating idea Handcrafted from wood by our master artisans
Each buoy is unique All buoys are hand painted so no two are alike and not exactly as pictured
Sold in a set of two with rope to easily mount on a wall Mounting hardware not included
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