Handmade Brass Urli – 3.5″ by 10″ Uruli Bowl – Suitable for Decorating, Offerings & Even Serving Food – Artisan Crafted in India

Urli bowls are a beautiful and multifunctional piece of functional decor. Traditionally used as a vessel for cooking, urli bowls have since become a staple in any Indian home for a number of different purposes. Having a beautiful brass urli water pot in your home makes for a unique, yet still traditional Hindu decoration that is perfectly suited for any home, no matter the existing decoration style. Great as religious gifts for Hindus, the ShalinIndia Handmade Brass Urli Bowl is an excellent way to incorporate Indian decoration items as bedroom, bathroom, living room décor and more in the home with ease.

The ShalinIndia Handmade Brass Urli Bowl is a striking piece that has been made with traditional Indian design in mind. Great as living room decorating ideas for a home rooted in Hinduism, these Indian decorative items are made with integrated handles for simple transportation from place to place along with a gorgeous tapered design that gives the bowl a flattering silhouette. This brass urli traditional bowl is crafted out of high quality brass using a sand casting technique that gives it a beautiful sheen, making for a head-turning piece of living rooms decors.

The ShalinIndia Handmade Brass Urli Bowl measures only 3 inches by 8 inches. This allows for plenty of room for cooking and serving food and is great as decorative bowls for center table, but it is also small enough that can be used anywhere in the home as decoration, such as decorative bowls for flowers. Set them on your altars, desks, coffee tables, bookshelves, and use them as a decorative bowl for table and more.

Order the ShalinIndia Handmade Brass Urli Bowl Hindu decor today by clicking add to cart now.TRADITIONALLY DESIGNED This brass pooja items bowl has been given classic Indian patterning and comes complete with a beautifully tapered silhouette and handles
BEAUTIFUL COMPOSITION Made from top quality brass, these urli brass bowls have an alluring golden color and a striking shine
MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE Employ this urulai as cooking vessels, altar decoration, food serving tray or fill it with water to float flowers
IDEALLY SIZED Measuring 3 inches by 8 inches, this brass urli makes great living rooms decoration and will stand out while still being small enough to display anywhere
ARTISANALLY CRAFTED These brass pooja items are created using traditional Indian sand casting techniques for a unique look