Handmade Brass Urli – 6 by 14 Inch Uruli Bowl – Suitable for Decorating, Offerings & Even Serving Food – Artisan Crafted in India

The urli or uruli is a traditional Indian bowl that has been used for cooking and decorating for centuries. Easily recognizable by its distinctive shape, the urli makes a handsome addition to the decor of any room, and now, you can enjoy the beauty of one that is made according to the time-honored traditions in your own home with the Handmade Brass Urli. Produced using sand casting techniques that have been passed down through generations of skilled metalworkers, the Handmade Brass Urli is a truly authentic Indian uruli. Each one is made by hand with great care to ensure quality. The bowl is fashioned out of solid brass, so it has a warm, golden color. Every inch of the urli is polished to create a striking, mirror-like finish both inside and outside. Measuring 4.25 inches in diameter by 2 inches in height, the Handmade Brass Urli weighs 0.432 kilograms due to the strength of its brass construction. The size of the uruli makes it suitable for an endless array of uses. You can use it as a serving dish at the dinner table or place it on an altar to hold offerings. With its beautiful look and fine quality craftsmanship, the urli can also be displayed all on its own as a decorative bowl atop a table, a desk, a mantel or a shelf. To display the bowl in the traditional way, fill it with water and then float living or artificial flowers on top. You can also place floating candles on the surface of the water. No matter how you use the Handmade Brass Urli, you’re certain to be impressed with its quality! Beautify your home with this traditional Indian decorative design. Add the Handmade Brass Urli to your cart now!PERFECT FOR YOUR HOME ALTAR This Lord Vishnu statue is made the traditional way and is a reverent idol to use for your offerings
PERFECT SIZE-Height-6 inch,Diameter-14 inch,Weight-3.700 kg
ARTISAN CRAFTED Skilled Indian artists of Muradabad hand make each statue using traditional sand casting techniques
PREMIUM MATERIALS This representation of the statue is produced using the finest quality brass
EXOTIC DECORATION Use the statue to bring a touch of Indian culture to your decor