Hopkins 90144 2x4basics Firewood Rack System, Black

Unlike premade racks or shelving units, the 2x4basics Firewood Rack gives you the freedom to build a rack that’s exactly the size you need. Simply add 2x4s (not included) and create any dimensions you choose up to 8 feet wide and 4 feet high. The Firewood Rack is easy to assemble. Only straight, 90-degree cuts are required – no miters or angles – and all the necessary hardware is included with the kit. Once the assembly is finished, the Firewood Rack will measure 16 inches deep (40 centimeters), which is plenty of room to hold the wood needed to stay warm. The Firewood Rack is made of durable and maintenance-free structural resin and features all-weather components that resist wear and tear. It’s also versatile enough to accommodate any design. And by combining additional Firewood Rack kits, a structure with multiple layers or sections can be created, which will allow for separation of larger logs and kindling.Strong and functional firewood rack up to 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall
Assembly with only a screwdriver; all hardware is included
2x4basics Firewood Racks can span up to 8 feet (2.4m); Rack depth is 16 inches
Kit makes a single level Firewood Rack; purchase a second kit to make a double decker unit
Limited two year warranty