Suck UK Skeleton Hand Ring Holder & Dresser Organizer Holder | Jewelry Tree | Halloween Decorations | Unique Gifts | Earrings Necklace Bracelet & Ring Display, White

Need a helping hand holding your jewelry this plastic polypropylene skeleton hand will keep rings, bracelets, watches and earrings organized neatly. The organizer metal joints move independently so you can pose the hand to best show off your treasures. And if you have even more jewelry than Mr. T, the wooden base will serve as a weight and a tray that takes care of any overspill. This jeweled holder allows you to create an ornament by hanging your different accessories from the skeletons finger. this Essential organization tool requires no assembly and stands independently, allowing you to immediately display your best studs, Golden chain, pendant or most beloved trinket for all to see. This unusual design will stand out from the crowd against typical accessory organizers, trays, racks and hangers. There is no better Keeper of your expensive jewels or important supplies than in the haunting hands of a skeleton! use as scary decor, art material or as ornaments/decorations for themed events, displays and window dressings. Place on shelves, desks and tables. A great Xmas or birthday gift that matches our exclusive Skulls and skeleton range. Along with our White bird Skull jewelry box and three different color Skull tidies/boxes, you can create quite the Gothic homeware collection. The skeleton jewelry organizer tidy away your homewares without hiding them in boxes or a drawer. a hauntingly helpful product from SUCK UK, designers of the greatest gifts on earthRealistic human skeleton hands with movable steel joints and natural solid beech wood base that serves as a tray for overspill. Makes a great jewelry stand, with fingers acting as ring holders and a place to hang your favorite necklace, bracelet or watch. A unique alternative to your typical jeweler box, this helping-handle allows you to display your most treasured trinkets whilst making your dressing table look elegant, stylish and cool in the process
A perfect decorative accessory for any home, office, bedroom, dressing table, shelf, sideboard or bedside table. Makes a cool and helpful desk tidy, keeping all your trinkets, glasses and jewelries in one safe place. Great for your new university room, allowing your uni items and everyday things to remain organized
Useful as a haunting prop or novelty decoration for a Halloween party, film/movie set or theatre productions. Create the spookiest haunted house for a terrifying Halloween get together, or gothic scene for a Victorian themed production on film or in theatre. The realistic quality of the bones is sure to create a dead fright. It’s an arty decoration with endless uses
A great gift for any occasion, whether it be for Christmas, a birthday or wedding. If your loved one has a penchant for anatomy, this is the perfect storage solution and present for them
Entirely functional, the adjustable metal joints move independently and can be shaped into the best pose to show off your precious jeweler, accessories and other small household items. Keep your loose change and household essentials safe with this in-home organizer and tray. Measures 8. 27 x 4. 72 x 4. 72 in (12 x 21 x 12 cm)

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