Tips for Organizing as you Declutter

The time has come: you’ve decided to declutter your home and are ready for a fresh start. Whether it’s simply a matter of your junk drawers piling up with random items or it’s your closets and storage areas that are overflowing, it’s a good idea to organize your remaining items as you declutter. This can help you make sense of what you plan to keep or toss, and can give you a structure to follow for the future, so you’re less likely to end up in the same situation again.

There are many ways that you can organize while decluttering your home, and most are fairly simple to do. Follow these tips to declutter and organize your space efficiently at the same time.

Plan Ahead
Sometimes when you finally get the motivation to tackle a project, it’s tempting to just dive right in. But you may find that you get better results if you take the time to plan ahead first. Make some measurements of the areas you’ll be organizing and purchase shelving, cubbies, hooks, and readymade organizers that will fit the space. Now when you start to declutter, you’ll have everything right at hand.

Make sure you also have a place or a plan to dispose of your clutter. Whether this is a dumpster, some trash bags, or a yard sale pile, you need a place for it all to go.

Empty the Space Entirely

While you are technically doing two things at once – decluttering and organizing – it’s really best to tackle things one step at a time. Instead of taking things out one by one and deciding whether they stay or go and if they stay, where that will be, empty the space out altogether. Get in there and clean it well, then install any of the new organizing items or equipment that you purchased.

 Start Disposing

Go through your clutter and start separating the items you’re disposing of. Regardless of how you’re getting rid of them – trashing them, donating them, selling them, or recycling them – you need to separate them from the items you’re keeping. This is where your planning comes into play; start disposing of them into the piles or dumpster you’ve already established.

 Organize What’s Left

At this point, you should have a clean and established place for putting things back, the items you’re disposing of gone or ready to go, and your remaining items ready to be put back. It’s time to organize them. Using the organizational shelving, hooks, and other items, put things back in a way that makes sense to you and how you use them. Items you use the most should be right in front and easy to reach, while items that get used less frequently can go toward the back.



Get More from Your Decluttering

If you take the time to organize as you declutter, you may find that the results are better and that they last longer. Follow these tips for a more organized space, and declutter your life.


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