3 easy projects that instantly transform a bathroom

(BPT) – Updating the bathroom with the latest trends is something many homeowners desire, but the thought of a complete remodel can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many easy and accessible upgrades that you can make that will transform your bathroom and add value to your home.

Consider these three easy bathroom projects that reflect today’s hottest trends while adhering to any style home:

Update an existing vanity

If you have a dated vanity that has good bones, there’s no need to replace it. You can take charge with some DIY elbow grease and update it instead. For example, if you have a honey oak vanity that you want to update to a more current style, start by removing all hardware and cover to protect floors and vanity top. Then sand the surface and paint with primer so it’s ready for your choice of color and finishes.

Next, paint the entire vanity in the color of your choice. Gray vanities are currently popular and will project a contemporary feeling while white is timeless and conveys cleanliness. Another trend is to feature color on the bathroom vanity, such as blue or green, which adds visual interest to the space. Depending on your preference you might finish with a gloss for a modern look or distress the edges for a farmhouse style. Complete the upgrade with new hardware and you’ll have an entirely new look in your bathroom.

Add subway tile bath surrounds

Custom tile bath projects are complex and costly, but the new Traverse bath and shower solution from Sterling Plumbing makes it simple to update your space with style and functionality. The uniquely designed four-piece wall set is easy to move and install, with a clean, contemporary style featuring a glossy subway tile facade that is manufactured out of proprietary Vikrell material that provides strength, durability and beauty.

Installing a Traverse is easy because it has smaller components for trouble-free transportation around corners and up and down stairways that lead to the bathroom. The self-guiding alignment and tongue-and-groove joints make installation straightforward and minimizes future maintenance. Additionally, Sterling’s patented Dry-Block seal and water containment channels form watertight seams for a caulk-free installation. Learn more at www.sterlingplumbing.com.

Upgrade flooring for custom style

It’s simple to put a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling so when you look up, your bathroom appears clean and updated. But what about when you look down? If the floors have seen better days, it’s time to replace them. You may long for marble tile or exotic wood floors, but these projects are expensive and can be time-consuming. Luckily, there are many affordable modern vinyl options that are humidity safe, slip resistant and durable, making them ideal for use in the bathroom.

Today’s vinyl has come a long way from the cheap-looking sheets from decades ago. With a little research you can discover modern vinyl options made to look like myriad materials including mosaic tile, natural stone, wood planks and more. Often you can use the existing floor as the sub-floor, so there’s no need to remove it. Always research the manufacturer’s recommendations, but typically modern vinyl flooring is easy to install with features that snap together and are simple to cut to size.

Today’s top bathroom trends are easily within reach when you research projects and products that help streamline your efforts. Whether you choose to do one of these projects or all three, you’ll be amazed how these changes can impact the overall appearance of the bathroom.


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