3 easy steps to create cleaner spaces

(BPT) – Face it — spending more time at home means spending more time cleaning our homes. And at a time when everyone is more focused on hygiene and sanitation, keeping everything and everyone clean enough seems like a lot of work.

But there are steps you can take to clean smarter, not harder. With some planning — and up-to-date technology — it’s possible to create cleaner spaces without creating more work.

Here are some steps you can follow to improve the cleanliness of your home and everyone in it.

1. Identify “hot spots”

First, choose a few specific spots to focus on. For example, what are the most highly used or most trafficked areas? Which parts of your home are you constantly aware need more cleaning?

Instead of getting overwhelmed by having to sanitize your entire home, finding just a few areas where you see the most potential for improvement helps you focus on manageable changes.

For example, the main entry area is a likely hot spot. If you don’t have a separate mud room, foyer or entry closet, try to create an area using bins, hooks and shelves where everyone can easily shed outdoor items like shoes, jackets and backpacks in one place. A small bin can hold items like phones and keys that you can sanitize before bringing further into the house.

2. Upgrade to touchless

Because it’s so important to keep your family’s food clean, your kitchen is another potential hot spot. One great technological advance to keep kitchens more hygienic is the touchless faucet. Washing your hands and using water without touching faucet handles means fewer chances of spreading germs throughout your home.

Installing a touchless or voice-activated faucet like one from Kohler means you’ve also got a voice-controlled kitchen assistant available to follow commands to turn water on and off, plus dispensing measured amounts of water. You can cut down on cross-contamination and make food prep easier by using your faucet almost like a sous chef — with preset amounts for the faucet to automatically fill up a pot of water or a coffee pot for you, hands-free.

Bonus feature: Using a Kohler Konnect faucet, you can access a new handwashing command through Alexa and Google. Simply ask for the handwashing program, and the virtual assistant will not only dispense water intermittently, allowing time to lather up with soap, but will also talk you (and especially your kids!) through a thorough 20-second handwashing routine.

3. Simplify toilet cleaning

Your home’s bathroom is another area that needs constant cleaning — and sanitizing the toilet probably tops the list. In a recent Kohler survey, 42% of American consumers admitted that toilet cleaning was one of their most disliked chores.

Why not make it easier? Thanks to the Kohler ContinuousClean cleaning system, your toilet bowl can stay cleaner longer. Paired with the company’s newest flush technology, Revolution 360, ContinuousClean raises toilet cleanliness to a whole new level.

The factory-installed system housed in the toilet tank dispenses a consistent dosage of cleaner during each flush to keep the bowl clean for up to two months. You simply place your choice of cleaning tablet in the designated compartment and push a button. You can adjust the dispensing of the cleaning solution based on three custom settings, and the Kohler-designed system does all work from there.

To explore the latest solutions for improving the cleanliness of your home, visit Kohler.com.


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