3 elements to transform your shower into a soothing oasis

(BPT) – No place in your home has the potential to blend utility and luxury quite like the shower. When you step into that space, it’s about more than getting clean. It’s your own little oasis in a busy world where you can rejuvenate and focus on self-care.

If your current shower leaves something to be desired, it’s time to invest in your house and in yourself with an upgrade. Whether your budget allows a complete remodel or you simply want to enhance the current space, here are three elements to elevating the shower with touches of luxury and lasting appeal.

Timeless design

Design trends come and go, so when you’re deciding on the design components for your shower, consider a timeless aesthetic and high-quality materials that will last. For example, the Statement Showering Collection re-envisions showering at the most basic level and brings a range of unique shapes and sizes to the shower, breathing new life into well-loved standards and marrying the latest in technology with enduring craftsmanship.

When determining design features, consider the overall bathroom aesthetic to create cohesion. The Statement collection features a showerhead, four styles of hand showers, four unique rain heads and two body sprays, all available in a range of sizes and shapes to best suit the decor and design environment. Finishes include polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte black and brushed modern brass, giving you the flexibility to create timeless design.
Enhanced performance

Ultimately, if a shower looks beautiful but doesn’t perform, it’s a fail. Therefore, it’s important to upgrade features that elevate the shower in ways that matter. One of those fundamental elements is the showerhead and its functionality. When reviewing options, consider showerheads that provide innovative spray options that elevate the showering experience to truly create a feeling of retreat in your own home.

That might mean exploring oblong showerheads that provide enveloping water coverage for the whole body. The Statement collection features this as well as immersive spray experiences like Deep Massage spray composed of twisting jets that knead sore muscles and a Cloud spray that swathes the body in a warm mist. Other spray options include a Full Coverage Rain and a dense, wide Sweep.

Smart customization

When you step in the shower, you may want a different experience in the morning versus evening. You also may want to change it up depending on your mood or how your body feels. Furthermore, you probably want a different experience than anyone else using the shower. Putting complete control over the temperature, pressure and spray experiences in the hands of the user, Anthem shower systems provide customized options controlled by the KOHLER Konnect app.

How does this work? Anthem precision systems use digital valves to control up to six outlets and two temperature zones, allowing you to personalize any combination of different sprays. Each outlet can be independently adjusted: for example, a soft, warm spray from the overhead rain head along with a strong, hot massage from the hand shower. You can even set default or max temperatures as well as a warm-up mode that purges cold water from the pipes and puts a hold on the hot water for up to two minutes until you’re ready to get in the shower.

Your shower should be an oasis within your home that meets your changing needs. These three elements will transform your shower into a retreat you look forward to using every day.


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