3 tips for choosing — and using — the best grout for your tiling project

(BPT) – Just because winter’s here doesn’t mean you have to put household DIY projects requiring grout on hold. As long as you take precautions, indoor projects like setting tile can go smoothly and easily. And whether you’re a novice DIYer, seasoned home decorator or hiring a professional contractor, your decisions don’t stop at what kind of tile to use — selecting the best grout also makes a huge difference for the look and wear of your space, as well as how easy it is to apply.

1. Consider design goals when selecting grout color

While tile gets most of the attention when people plan their kitchen, bathroom or other space, the grout you choose can make or break the look you want. Choosing the best color option for grout depends on what you’re looking for with your overall design. Want to make the tile appear seamless, enlarging the feel of your space? Or do you want to highlight the graphic element of the tile pattern itself? In other words, do you want the grout to fade into the background so it’s mostly the tile we see, or use grout to enhance the look?

When you want seamless tile to be the star of the show and the space to appear larger, you’re better off with a neutral grout color that’s lighter than the tile — which is why many choose white or off-white shades for grout. However, if you’re looking to make the tile pattern pop, grout colors like shades of gray that are darker than your tile will stand out, becoming part of the design. Given the many grout colors available today, some designers even choose grout matching a color used elsewhere in the room, such as in wall paint or another design element.

2. Be choosy about your grout

To ensure you’re using the best possible product for virtually any tiling product, consider a top choice of construction pros: Prism Ultimate Performance Grout, the uniquely formulated high-performance cement grout from Custom Building Products. Known for its incredible color consistency in an array of 40 color choices, this product is also long-lasting and highly stain resistant, requiring no sealing — even for challenging applications like a kitchen backsplash or high-traffic floor. Its exclusive calcium aluminate formula controls hydration to ensure color consistency without shading or mottling, regardless of the conditions of the space. You won’t see any efflorescence, either — that unsightly whitish crusty deposit that can sometimes appear on the surface of the grout joint. Beyond being very easy to work with, Prism creates super dense grout joints that resist stains better than any other cement grout.

Prism Grout is ideal for grout joints from 1/16” up to 1/2”, and you can use it in any sanded grout application or in place of non-sanded grout in narrow joints like plank tile assemblies. This grout also performs exceptionally well in the extra wide and deep joints found with pebble or irregular tile and can be used for challenging applications such as wet areas, exteriors or submerged tile. Unlike some grouts, Prism sets up quickly and can be walkable in as little as four hours.

3. Use grout correctly

As with any product you use in your home, make sure to follow the product instructions exactly. For example, be sure you’re using the precise amount of water recommended for mixing your grout so it will bond correctly.

Because a cold environment can negatively impact the grout setting correctly, be careful that your grout powder is both stored and used in rooms with temperatures between 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The water you use to mix your grout should also be in this temperature range. After applying, make sure the room temperature stays between 50-80 degrees for at least 72 hours while the grout is setting. In addition, avoid foot traffic on floor tile until you are sure the grout is fully set and dry.

With the right grout product and using these tips, you can update the look of any space using tile, even during colder months. To learn more about Prism Ultimate Performance Grout and to see a video highlighting its uses, visit CustomBuildingProducts.com. The product is available at Home Depot and other leading home improvement stores.


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