5 fixes for kitchens that are all about the details

(BPT) – No matter if you’re an aspiring chef or TV dinner connoisseur … if the look of your kitchen makes you want to dine out – it may be time for an upgrade. The kitchen should be the heart of your home: it’s where you entertain, hold family meetings and even pay bills, so why not take it from “make-do” to “magnificent?”

Nothing reinvigorates a home like a newly remodeled kitchen; however, the costs to completely remodel this room can add up quickly. In fact, kitchen projects can range from less than $20,000 to more than $100,000, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), so it’s best to think of renovating this space as an investment. Here are five “must-do” updates to ensure your kitchen will earn compliments from everyone.

1. Add character with color

Even the most lackluster space can be energized with color. Paint the walls or hang new curtains in a bright fabric. Or for a bigger statement, consider painted cabinets. To save you time and energy, manufactures now offer cabinets in a wide range of beautiful – and colorful – painted finishes. If considering a bold cabinet shade like blue or red, pair with complementary colors like brown or white – it will be easier to switch up the decor and add accent colors down the road.

Sticking with a neutral color scheme? You can still make a statement and add warmth with a colorful mosaic tile backsplash. These backsplashes can instantly brighten a space and are now easier than ever to install. Plus, a glass backsplash is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about food splatters getting on walls. 

2. Faucet facelift

The sink area is among the most hardworking of kitchen spaces, and the faucet in particular, gets the most grueling daily workout. Because of its constant use, updating the faucet will immediately improve the function and look of your prep space.

According to the NKBA, contemporary styling will be the fastest growing kitchen style in 2014To easily obtain this look, the new Tilt pullout kitchen faucet from Moen is the ideal choice for homeowners wanting to create a sleek and chic statement at the sink. Tilt offers compact, modern styling that works well in any size kitchen. It’s also offered in two on-trend finishes: Chrome and Spot Resist Stainless, which helps the faucet stay visibly cleaner, longer.

And don’t just stop with the kitchen faucet … fixtures such as built-in soap dispensers or beverage faucets can further the functionality and improved styling at the sink. In fact, research shows that more than one-third of homeowners remodeling their kitchens are interested in beverage faucets with filtration systems, as well as matching soap dispensers. Moen is helping homeowners fulfill these wishes with a new line of soap dispensers and Sip beverage faucets. Each is available in traditional, transitional and modern designs in matching finishes, elegantly coordinating with the rest of the space.

3. Amp up accessories

Much like fashion, accessories can make a room; think of hardware as the finishing touch to make your space feel polished but also serve a purpose. To start, easily answer the age-old question: “where’s the dish towel?” Most homes don’t have a convenient place dedicated to hanging this necessity in the kitchen. For a stylish solution, install accessories such as hooks, towel bars or towel rings on the side of an upper cabinet, the end of the island or in other work areas. Moen offers more than 40 collections to effortlessly complement the style and finish of your kitchen faucet. Next, think of the sink – accessories such as colanders and cutting boards can now fit seamlessly into the sink to help make meal prep and clean up a breeze.

4. Enhance lighting

Lighting is a critical element in kitchen design, both for its decorative and functional benefits. But not all lighting is created equal; the best way to enhance the room is to install custom lighting to suit your kitchen’s needs. It can also make the space look roomier and more elegant. With styles ranging from incandescent bulbs with vintage glass shades to ultra-chic halogen cones, hanging pendants are popular ceiling fixtures for the kitchen. For an instant update, install pendants over an island or countertop where the low-hanging fixtures won’t interfere with traffic flow.

5. Add personality

Adding something beautiful like a bouquet of flowers, new linens or a colorful new tea pot will bring life into the space. You can also jazz up your kitchen with lively artwork. Whether it’s a professional painting you love or fun vintage posters, artwork helps complete your renovation. For a more personal touch, hang a grouping of family photographs, or frame some of your children’s more colorful artistic creations for a vibrant and charming display. Or, make artwork functional by painting an old framed mirror with chalkboard paint to display grocery lists, menus or your favorite quotes.

Before starting demolition on your kitchen remodel, make sure the design is a reflection of you.  By following these five steps not only will you have a kitchen that complements your lifestyle, you will also draw plenty of compliments from family and friends.


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