5 Inexpensive Home Repairs to Do Before the Holidays

Home repairs can be necessary or they can be renovations to improve the value, appeal, and functionality of your home. Often times, homeowners prolong home repairs and this leads to additional problems that could have been avoided with regular maintenance and repair. Improving the curb appeal of your home is likely something you would like to accomplish before the holidays. Not only will this make your home look great, it will improve your home’s resell value and provide a more comfortable environment for your family. Below, you will find 5 inexpensive home repairs that can easily be completed before the holidays.

#1 – Flower Beds and Mailbox

Landscaping can be tough work, but it’s necessary to make your home look great for the holidays. There are various aspects of a home’s landscaping that can be improved with little expense. Two of which would be your flower beds and the area surrounding the mailbox. With a little TLC and a slight investment for gravel or bark, you can transform your garden beds into an attractive and elegant feature of your home. The area surrounding your mailbox is also commonly neglected by homeowners. The mailbox itself can be repainted or replaced and the post it sits on should be structurally secure. A bag of cement can easily fix a wobbly post. Be sure to thoroughly check the ground for weeds and don’t forget extra gravel or bark to create a warm and welcoming environment around the mailbox.

#2 – Clean and Protect the Roof

Roofs are vital to a home in many different ways. Be sure to clean off your roof from any debris like tree branches or leaves. Roofs often collect waste from the trees that may surround your home. Leaving this debris on the roof could cause moss growth which would put the roof at risk of decay. Pressure washing is a great way to transform a roof into like new condition. Be sure to set the pressure washer on a low setting and lightly clean off the surface of the roof.

#3 – Exterior Doors

Exterior doors can have a big effect on the curb appeal of your home. Doors often become weathered and the paint will start to peel and strip away. By sanding down and repainting your exterior doors, you can drastically improve your home. Complimentary colors are important when it comes to the appeal of a home. When selecting a color for your exterior doors, be sure to compliment the other colors found on your home including the roof color, trim color and primary color of the house.

#4 – Replace Bulbs and Add More Lighting

Lighting around a home can drastically improve its curb appeal. Particularly at night, exterior lighting provides additional security features and a sense of comfort. If you already have adequate exterior lighting, don’t forget to replace the light bulbs. Homeowners often let their exterior lights die and because they aren’t an immediate concern, replacement light bulbs will be neglected. The holidays are a time to brighten your home and make it look its best, so don’t forget those much needed lights!

#5 – Clear Space for Parking

Most families today have several cars including a car for mom, a car for dad, a truck for transporting things and even cars for the kids. Homes just weren’t built for this much parking space and most homeowners are forced to have several cars outside, with some even resorting to using lawn space as a driveway. You can use the side of your home as a new parking opportunity by pouring cement or gravel and creating room for the vehicles of you and your guests.

Author Bio: Izzy Mackey works for Roofer 911 an Alexandria roofing company.



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