5 Master Bathroom Updates You Can Complete in No Time

These master bathroom updates can be completed in a weekend. We know this because that’s how long it took Alexi Politis of Seeking Alexi to update her master bath.

Read on to learn how Alexi gave her master bathroom a makeover in just five steps.

5 Master Bathroom Updates

Yes, this whole new look for my master bathroom only took me one weekend to complete!

When you see the before/after below, it’s pretty incredible what a few fixtures, a little paint, and elbow grease will do in just one weekend.

Before the Bathroom Update

After the Bathroom Update

In just a few steps, you really can transform your drab master bathroom into a beautiful oasis in a few short days. Here’s how to complete these master bathroom updates.

1: Replace the Faucets


  • Faucet
  • Long Wrench
  • Silicone
  • Water Connectors

I was really intimidated by the thought of replacing my bathroom faucet, but I knew how much of a difference it would make, so I thought I would grit my teeth and bear it.

I’m glad I did! I replaced my boring builder-grade faucet with this gorgeous oil-rubbed bronze Delta faucet.

Following the instructions from the box were really easy, but here are those steps with photography to make it even easier.

First, turn off the water under your sink. Then turn on your old faucet to drain any water leftover.

Remove the old drain and faucet. Unscrew the water lines, the plastic nuts at the base of the faucet, the drain and the p-trap.

The specifics of your faucet may change, but obviously removing it is the first step.

Clean the area really well.

Then, place the new faucet in the holes and add the plastic nuts to the mount underneath.

Tip: When you screw the nuts on, don’t screw them on tight just yet. You’ll like the wiggle room for now.

Squeeze silicone on the drain stopper, and place it in the drain hole.

From below, screw the plastic drain pipe into the drain you just placed in the drain hole.

Install the stopper pull. This is why you wanted that wiggle room from earlier. Place the stopper pull in the faucet from the top.

Then place the white, bulbous “stopper mover” into the drain pipe, and use the plastic part with lots of holes to attach those two pieces using the v-shaped metal bracket. See photo for extra direction.

Now that the drain stop is fully functioning, you can now tighten the faucet nuts. Use your hands first, then a wrench to get them nice and tight. Attach water lines up to the faucet you just tightened.

Screw the p-trap back on how you found it, screw it tightly, and make sure your plastic gaskets are in place so your water won’t leak.

Before you turn on the water, be sure to unscrew nozzle of your faucet. Turn on water, flush the for faucet 1 minute. Check for leaks. Screw the nozzle back on and you’re all done!

Pretty easy, right?

And now you have a gorgeous new faucet that has started to transform your bathroom.

2: Update Towel Racks, Towel Rings, Hooks and Toilet Paper Holder

I wanted all my bathroom fixtures to have the same finish, so I updated all the accessories to the oil-rubber bronze look of the faucet.


  • Double Towel Rack 24 in.
  • Towel Hook
  • Towel Rings
  • Toilet Paper Holder
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer

This part of my master bathroom update was so extremely easy, but it made a huge difference.

The process is pretty much the same for replacing all the bathroom accessories. Here’s how you do it.

First, remove the current item.

Then, screw the metal plate into the wall (use drywall fasteners if there’s no stud behind your drywall).

Finally, slip your new towel rack or hooks onto the plate.

That’s it!

Look at how much of a difference it makes replacing these items. Gorgeous.

3: Update the Tub Fixtures


Again, I was shocked at how easy these updates were. I was so intimidate before I started, but it was so simple once I got going, I was just nervous to start!

First, turn off the water. For me, I didn’t have a direct line I could turn off for just my tub, so I had to turn off the water to my whole house.

Then, Ttake off the existing spout. Mine came off pretty easy.

After that, push the new plastic spout holder onto the copper pipe.

My copper pipe was too long, though, so I had to measure where I needed to cut it, pull it back off, and then I cut the copper pipe using a hacksaw. Then, I pushed the new spout holder back on, making sure it was tight.

Place the new spout over the plastic spout holder, and tighten it in place.

Next up is to replace the dial!

Take off the current dial, first.

Next, add the gasket, dial plate and handle mount.

Screw handle into dial, as shown. Turn on water and make sure it works!

Then turn your water back off if you continue to Step 4 below.

4: Update Shower Head and Dial


This was by far easier than I was expecting. There are no moving parts. You essentially just have to screw the pieces in!

Make sure your water is still turned off. Replace the dial using the same steps as above. Remove old arm and flange (I used the arm of my wrench inside the arm for leverage.)

Screw in new arm and flange. I used the same technique as above.

Screw the shower head into the flange (it really is that simple)!

Then, screw the corded water hose that came with the shower head from the base of the shower head into the head of the shower.

Turn water back on and test it out!

5: Paint and Decorate


Lastly, I painted my cabinets this gorgeous color from BEHR called Broadway, and I couldn’t be happier! I used a satin sheen since bathrooms are prone to getting dirty.

Here’s what my bathroom looked like after changing the fixtures, but before I added any decor. It looked great, but the finished product with all the gorgeous added decorative items has really made the entire bathroom an oasis.

And I truly only did this update in the space of a few days, so it’s the perfect weekend project. In just a couple days, you really can have a fully-transformed master bathroom that you can relax in and enjoy!

Thank you so much for reading about these master bathroom updates , and I hope to see you over on my blog at seekingalexi.com/blog for more quick DIY and interior decorating updates!

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