5 tips for a better lawn

(BPT) – Whether you’re an expert or just a beginner, it’s important to know how to properly care for and maintain your lawn – especially before the summer season begins.

The overall appearance and health of your lawn is a result of the care you put into it, so consider these tips to help keep your lawn in tip-top shape all season long.

1. Remove debris – Fallen leaves, branches and other debris can leave you with a matted lawn, keeping grass compacted and preventing it from growing properly. Pick up debris regularly and clean up after a major storm when fallen tree limbs and leaves are most likely to be found.

2. Mow at the right height – Avoid cutting grass down by more than one-third of its height. To ensure you’re cutting grass at the desired and most appropriate length, it’s best to use a mower with a height adjuster like any of the Yard Machines walk-behind mowers. Increasing the height of your mower will help prevent your lawn from burning out and creating brown spots. By keeping grass taller, you can also help protect the soil, allowing it to receive and retain nutrients needed for overall health and growth.

3. Add aesthetic appeal – Maintain the appearance of your yard by using an edger to cut along sidewalks and driveways, giving your lawn an instant makeover. By adding finishing touches like edging and trimming shrubs and trees, you can achieve a clean, polished look that brings the entire yard together.

4. Repair bare spots – If you have thin or bare patches of grass in your yard, it’s best to do your homework first and determine the best solution. These types of problem areas are often caused by pests, droughts or disease. Common repair and grass replacement methods include patching bare spots, and dead or diseased areas with fresh soil and grass seed, or applying sod.

5. Water infrequently – Although you may be accustomed to the routine of watering your yard every day, it is actually best to water your lawn thoroughly once a week. Deep watering less often is more effective than frequent, shallow watering because it encourages plants to establish a deeper root system. It is also recommended to water in the morning when it is cooler and shadier, so your lawn has more time to absorb the water.

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