5 ways a bidet can make your bathroom refresh complete

(BPT) – A fresh new color scheme, the sparkle of quartz and a chic tile layout can transform your bath from drab to fab. But when we renovate, sometimes we prioritize style over function when we could achieve both.

As you look over your next refresh project, ask yourself what can be done to take the design beyond the aesthetic. Consider how your bath design can work better for you, by melding luxury and self-care into your daily routine while making bath maintenance less time-consuming.

A high-quality bidet toilet can be just the appliance your bath needs to elevate the functionality of the space while adding elements of luxury and style.

So what do you look for in a bidet toilet? The market features many styles, brands and models. This makes it difficult to pick out the highest quality designs that also add to the aesthetic of your newly done room.

Before you shop, keep this checklist handy to help you find the make and model that brings the finishing touch to the bath.

1. Elevated design

When it comes to bidet features, design can get lost in the conversation. Design-forward models conceal the extra hardware and cords that come with a bidet toilet, so look for features that tuck away plumbing attachments, along with a skirted design that hides the trapway. To achieve the epitome in sleek, modern style, a wall-hung unit is a must-have.

2. People-centric innovation

Many higher-end models come with hands-free features that reduce the spread of germs and promote personal hygiene. Examples of these features include auto-flush and motion-sensing technology that raises and lowers the seat.

3. Everyday luxury

What makes a bidet toilet indispensable to its fans is daily access to spa-like features. To simplify your search, turn to TOTO; it’s the company that reimagined the bidet into an essential home luxury. Their designers worked tirelessly to find the precise angle to deliver warm, aerated water for the most effective cleansing. Also, its air drying and personalized control features bring comfort and self-care to your routine.

4. Advanced cleaning technologies

It’s one thing for a bowl to have an easy-clean surface through advances in glazing. But you can also have proactive features to keep the bowl clean. TOTO’s Clean Synergy approach can be found in its Drake Transitional WASHLET+ C5. First, the PREMIST sprays the bowl’s interior, to reduce matter’s ability to stick to the surface. Next, its CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze minimizes waste sticking to porous ceramic surfaces. Then, its TORNADO FLUSH system features two powerful nozzles that effectively remove waste and keep the bowl and rim cleaner. Finally, its EWATER+ technology auto cleans the wand inside and out, before and after every use, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

5. Sustainable features

Once you get your bidet toilet, you’ll wonder how you ever survived on toilet tissue. Not only is paper a less-effective cleaning method, it also requires an astonishing amount of natural resources to manufacture and ship, when you consider the trees, water and fossil fuels. A bidet is not only an investment in yourself, you’ll also be much gentler on the earth. To take this notion a step further, look for models that feature air-drying and water efficiency features.

Start fresh this spring with superior products and technologies that will leave you and your home feeling cleansed and refreshed. Find these at TOTOUSA.com.


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