5 ways technology can make home maintenance easier

(BPT) – Even if you’re not the tech savviest person, you probably already use some technology to make your life easier, from your smartphone giving you directions to a digital calendar that keeps track of appointments. Today’s technology has made staying on top of many tasks a whole lot easier.

If you’re interested in exploring more ways to make your busy life a little less complicated, here are some ideas to get you started on automating essential household tasks.

1. Take advantage of subscription services

From HVAC filters to batteries or other products you need for your home on a regular basis, see if your preferred vendor now offers a subscription service. You can set up how frequently you want the items delivered, and most will allow you to adjust the frequency of delivery over time.

And there’s a bonus: Most vendors offer discounts for anyone signing up for a subscription service.

2. Use a smart app to monitor appliances like your water softener

How do you remember when to refill your water softener with salt? Most people don’t think about it until the dishes get spotty or the laundry comes out stiff and scratchy. Then suddenly you’re arranging a special trip to get more salt.

Those last-minute trips to buy salt are a thing of the past with the Connected Salt Level Sensor and the Pentair Home app. A simple Wi-Fi-enabled device clips easily into your softener’s brine tank and monitors your salt level. When salt starts to run low, it sends alerts to your smart device, so you can buy salt when it’s convenient for you — not when it feels like an emergency.

With life being super busy, it’s nice to have to think of one less thing, like refilling the salt in your water softener. Learn more about how the Connected Salt Level Sensor works at Pentair.com.

3. Use your digital calendar for home reminders

Similar to keeping up with your water softener’s salt level, it can be hard to remember when to check your smoke detector’s batteries, when to have your gutters cleaned, or other annual or semi-annual maintenance chores.

Make full use of your digital calendar by inputting all these items on a recurring basis, so you’ll never forget about one of these crucial tasks again. It can give you peace of mind knowing you’re up to date on any and all important safety and maintenance tasks.

4. Learn to use programmable features

From your smart thermostat to programmable lights or a security system, once you’ve learned how to use them, you’ll appreciate their benefits.

Programming your thermostat to keep your home’s temperature on an even keel — lowering it at night and when you’re away — will save both money and energy, helping your wallet and the environment. If you “set it and forget it,” you’ll eliminate family squabbles about turning the heat or air conditioning up and down.

And if you can program your lights and security system to help protect your home, especially when you can’t be there, you’ll have even more peace of mind.

5. Upgrade to a smart appliance

Next time you need a new appliance, take a look at recent smart technology innovations. From laundry you can monitor on your phone while you’re away from home to ovens you can preheat from anywhere or refrigerators that can adjust temperatures via your phone or even keep inventory for you, the latest connected appliances may have you relying on tech to make every aspect of your life simpler.

Embracing technology can be a plus for your daily life, especially if you learn to use tools that are the most helpful to you. Smart apps can not only simplify that endless “to do” list — making sure you never forget anything important — but can also help your house stay safer, cleaner and healthier for your entire family.


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