5 ways to be more productive in the new year

(BPT) – When the calendar flips to a new year, many people are inspired to make resolutions, promising productivity, healthy lifestyles, self-care and more. But all New Year’s goals require making time for what you set out to do — and a little planning goes a long way.

No matter your resolutions, here are easy tips to make the most of each day, accomplish your goals and still have time to spare:

Get ready the night before

Make your morning routine easier by getting organized the night before. Prepare your breakfast and coffee. Choose your outfit and set it by your bed. Pack your bag and place it by the door so you’re ready to go. Let your nighttime energy fuel you in the morning.

Spend less time on chores

Household chores are time consuming and, let’s face it, not many people look forward to cleaning and laundry. Invest in ways to lighten your load, like the LG TurboWash 360, which has features that help you get more chores done in less time. It can tackle family-sized loads in less than 30 minutes without sacrificing performance, so your clothes don’t pile up. Shorter wash times and energy-saving capabilities save you both time and money.

Stick to a sleep schedule

The first step in reaching your goals is making sure you’re in good health. One of the most important, and difficult, aspects of good health is sleep. You’ll feel more refreshed and ready to take on the day if you establish a solid sleep schedule and stick to it. To set your schedule, pick the time you want to wake up every day and count back seven to eight hours — that’s your new bedtime.

Get a good calendar

Maximize your time by having a plan for each week. Whether you use a notebook checklist, the calendar on your smartphone or invest in a year-long planner, you’ll always have your plan on-hand and never miss a deadline or to-do list item.

Become a meal prepper

Set aside time each week to plan your meals and prep them too. Chop fruits and vegetables, pre-cook meats, and cook pasta or rice in advance so you can pull together easy meals in no time. This saves you time and money, and helps you eat healthier when you’re tempted to grab fast food on your busiest days.

When each day feels full to the brim, follow these tips to maximize each hour and be more productive in the new year.


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