5 ways to increase peace of mind about your home when you travel

(BPT) – Americans are eager to travel, but also feel nervous about leaving their homes unattended. As the spring and summer travel season heats up, many people are planning trips, but that doesn’t mean leaving home for an extended time is easy. According to a 2023 trend report from SimpliSafe, a fourth of respondents are very or extremely concerned about home break-ins while traveling and that number increases to 41% when looking at Gen Z specifically.

These concerns have led more people to seek solutions that secure their homes before traveling to gain peace of mind and in turn, better enjoy their vacations. In fact, 83% of respondents listed peace of mind as a primary reason for buying a home security system and 49% of respondents explained that they use their home security system to check on their investments — such as expensive appliances, sentimental heirlooms and important documents — while away from home.

In addition to home security, travel nerves can be tempered through preparation and automation to enhance peace of mind before hitting the road. To help ease your travel worries, follow these five proactive and simple steps to better secure your home while away.

1. Alert neighbors about your trip — but not on social media

While it’s a great idea to let neighbors know you’ll be away so they can watch for suspicious activity around your home, don’t broadcast your upcoming vacation on social media. It’s not recommended to let the world know when your house will be unoccupied.

2. Invest in a home security system

The SimpliSafe Trend Report report found that 65% of respondents and 69% of parents say a home security system would put their minds at ease while traveling. To help secure your home, consider installing home security products such as entry, motion and glassbreak sensors, and indoor and outdoor cameras to protect against unexpected visitors. It’s also worth considering environmental sensors such as water sensors and smoke detectors to safeguard your home from burst pipes, electrical fires or other home hazards. Remember, securing your home is not just about preventing break-ins. In your basement, water damage or burst pipes can be equally catastrophic. Investing in the appropriate sensors will help detect and prevent potentially costly damages.

Even better, by using 24/7 professional security monitoring, like SimpliSafe, you’ll know you’ll get help when it’s needed, day or night.

3. Don’t hide keys outside

While it may seem like a harmless solution for letting in house sitters, pet sitters or cleaning services to your home while away, hiding a key outdoors is not secure. Give a spare to a trusted neighbor or friend, or consider using a Smart Lock so that each family member or friend has a unique PIN for entry. This way, you can provide safe access to people who are taking care of your property or pets while you’re gone, while also having visibility into who’s coming and going.

4. Stop mail delivery

It’s also recommended to have the postal service stop mail delivery during your trip, so piled-up mail doesn’t alert a would-be intruder that you’re away. You can do this online by creating a USPS account and making a “Hold Mail” request, or by visiting your local post office. You should also stop newspaper delivery if you use that service. Alternatively, you could also ask a neighbor, relative or pet sitter to bring in mail and newspapers for you.

5. Move vehicles into your garage

If you are leaving a vehicle at home, you’ll want to make sure it is protected as well. If you have a garage, move all vehicles into the garage before heading out. Using an outdoor camera will provide an added layer of protection as well as visibility outside your home. For homeowners without a garage, make sure your vehicle is locked and position an outdoor camera to face your driveway.

Follow these steps so you can relax and enjoy your hard-earned vacation.

For the best security at the best price, SimpliSafe can give you and your family peace of mind whether you’re home or away with 24/7 professional security monitoring there to help if you’re in trouble. When it is time to come home, SimpliSafe found that 85% of respondents are happy to return after a trip and can focus on unpacking rather than worrying! To learn more, visit SimpliSafe.com.


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