5 ways to protect your family – people and pets – from germs

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Chances are, you’ve developed all kinds of new routines to help keep your family safer and healthier due to the pandemic. However, many people have given less attention to the four-legged members of the family.

While it appears that the likelihood of humans catching COVID-19 from animals is low, there is some evidence that the virus can spread from humans to animals. So if your family includes beloved pets, you may want to establish new routines to protect them, too.

These tips can help keep all your family members a little safer.

1. Keep your home – and your pet – cleaner

You probably already wash your hands regularly, and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces like counters, doorknobs and faucets.

But did you know your pet carries billions of germs on their coat and paws? After going for a walk, playing at the dog park or spending time with dog walkers, groomers or your veterinarian, your dog may track those germs and bacteria into your home.

Fortunately, Absorbine Pet™ Care SaniPet™ is a pet-safe sanitizing spray that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on a dog’s skin, coat and paws within 60 seconds. Simply spray, brush or wipe on your dog, then towel dry (or let air dry) before your pet re-enters your home. The spray can be used on dogs 12 weeks old and up. Apply as needed to sanitize your dog after outings or contact with anyone outside your household. Sanipet™ is alcohol-free and contains soothing aloe, so it won’t dry out your pet’s paws and coat, and it helps to keep them healthy and moisturized.

2. Practice social distancing for your pets

Apart from any concern you may have about possible COVID-19 transmission, other viruses – like some strains of influenza and mumps – can spread between humans and pets. To safeguard your furry loved ones, the same 6-foot rule recommended for humans by the CDC applies to pets. Keep dogs on a leash and avoid crowded public places or busy dog parks to keep them physically distant from other dogs and people. Humans, too, should avoid contact with other people’s pets – even if they’re super cute!

3. Maintain regular healthcare

During a time when you’re trying to avoid unnecessary contact and outings, it may seem easy to justify putting off wellness visits – both for you and your pet. However, making sure your dog or cat has been examined by your veterinarian and is caught up on their vaccines in a timely manner is the best way to protect them from illness. Ask your vet about their office’s current health and safety protocols before bringing your pet in for a check-up.

4. Make a plan in case of illness

Since it appears that there is a small risk of people spreading coronavirus to animals, you may want to prepare for your pet’s care in case you get sick. The CDC advises people who are sick to avoid contact with animals, so if you become ill, have another household member care for your pet, if possible. This may not be an option if you live alone. In that case, avoid contact with your pet while you are sick – that means no petting, snuggling or sleeping in the same bed. If you must care for your pet while you’re ill, wear a face mask and wash your hands thoroughly before and after interacting with them.

5. Focus on overall wellness – for you and your pets

While it’s not possible to avoid exposure to all germs and bacteria, it is possible to keep your – and your furry best friend’s – immune system strong and healthy. Maintaining your family’s health means making sure everyone gets healthy food that’s good for them, plus regular exercise. Ask your vet’s advice on the best type of food and amount of food for your pet. Fortunately, you can help maintain your dog’s health, and yours, every time you take them for a walk.

Make a plan to keep your four-legged pal and your home free from harmful germs and bacteria with Absorbine Pet™ Care SaniPet™ sanitizing spray, available at 700 Tractor Supply stores, 400 Pet Supplies Plus stores and independent pet stores nationwide. You can also order online at AbsorbinePet.com and Amazon.com.


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