A Faux Farmhouse Laundry Room

Holly Lauritzen of Our Faux Farmhouse did not have a functional laundry room for her family of seven. By adding a new countertop, back splash, cabinets and LG appliances, Holly’s family finally has the laundry room of their dreams.

A Faux Farmhouse Laundry Room

We moved into our builder-grade spec home early last year and immediately noticed the lack of functionality and storage space in the laundry room.  For a family of seven, this was not going to work.  During the build phase we opted not to upgrade any of the laundry room features because we realized very soon how quickly those upgrades added up.  We knew there HAD to be a more affordable way to get the laundry room we needed without breaking the bank.

We were thrilled to partner with The Home Depot to show you how by choosing their affordable pre-assembled cabinets and appliances you can tackle the laundry room of your dreams all by yourself!

The Before Shot

Here’s the BEFORE image of our space.  The tile was installed by the builder and was truly the only thing memorable about this space.  It’s color pallet and intricate pattern served as the road map for our laundry room design.

Choosing Cabinetry

The first thing we needed to do was remove the long shelf and clothes rod since we knew we’d be installing The Home Depot’s ready-to-install, pre-assembled cabinetry by Hampton Bay  We were very pleased to find that there were so many reasonably priced finished and un-finished cabinets to choose from.

Appliance Selection

After selecting our cabinets we stopped by the appliance department and “test drove” a few of their washers and dryers.  Our previous ones were nearing the 20 year mark and while we were pleased with their longevity they were on their last leg, not to mention they were a far cry from energy efficient.  After reading many reviews and seeing them in person, we were most impressed with the LG brand Smart Top Load Washer and Smart Electric Dryer.  Along with the washer and dryer, we installed the LG 3-Door French Door Smart Refrigerator with InstaView to serve as secondary overflow for our large family.  It’s nearly the exact same as the one in our kitchen, so we knew we’d love it–and we do!

After appliances went in we were ready to start installing the shaker-style bottom cabinets. We loved that these came pre-painted and pre-assembled.  It made install an absolute breeze!

Plumbing Help

Once the cabinets and new LG appliances went in we realized that the former pipe configuration was too high for our home.  A quick pit stop in The Home Depot plumbing section, and we found everything we needed to properly move the pipes down, so that they would not infringe on the backsplash that would be going in. For our backsplash we chose a sleek 3×12 bevel edge tile and dark grey grout.

Adding a new Countertop

From there we installed the upper cabinets and two-toned hardware and were all set for the new Silestone Quartz Countertops to be installed by The Home Depot team.

Selecting the countertops was an incredibly easy process, fostered by one of The Home Depot’s countertop experts.  They helped us choose a durable countertop that would be able to endure the years of high traffic that a well-loved laundry room incurs. We chose Silestone Quartz  (in the color Calcutta Gold) and upgraded the front edge so that it would appear as though the slab was thicker than we had chosen to be installed. That (free!) upgrade was a GAME CHANGER and much more affordable than purchasing a thicker slab.

The Final Reveal

After a few weekends of installing appliances, cabinets, counters, and backsplash we put the finishing touches on our NEW LAUNDRY ROOM and we’re ready for the big reveal!

This Faux Farmhouse Laundry Room is the exact laundry room of our dreams! With tons of new storage cabinets, new energy-efficient Smart LG appliances, and a simple bevel-edged backsplash this room completely complements the rest of our home and allows us to truly utilize the space the way it was intended.

We’ve officially had the LG Washer and Dryer  for a month now and still can’t get over how much laundry we can fit in the 5.0 cubic feet washer and how well it cleans (even without an agitator, which we were afraid we’d miss). We’re happy to report that we don’t miss it one bit!

With the largest capacity top load washer in its class at 5.0 cu. ft., we can fit a comforter and full set of king size bedding in a single load! That’s my kind of washer! It’s able to give big loads the same great clean while cutting our wash time by up to 30 minutes with LG’s enhanced TurboWash technology. So much time used to be spent waiting for loads of laundry to be finished. I barely know what to do with all of this extra time!

Our favorite part about this LG Smart Electric Dryer  is the dual-opening option of the LG EasyLoad dryer door.  When loading laundry from the washer we prefer this “shoot” option.

And when removing laundry after the drying cycle we prefer this option.

Ready for a sneaky little hack? We added one of these wire roll out hampers to the lower cabinets and it serves as the perfect little sock hamper for those hard-to-take-upstairs-and-put-away-properly little kid socks. It hardly takes up any room and is placed conveniently next to the washer so don’t have to smell them very long!

This laundry room is now equipped to handle all of life’s messes, and more! With 5 young children, these appliances will sure get the love they deserve.  A big thanks to The Home Depot for partnering with us on the Faux Farmhouse laundry room of our dreams! We thought we were missing out by not upgrading during our initial home-build design appointment, but The Home Depot provided a much more desirable, and more importantly, affordable method of creating a laundry room that we could love.

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