Adding Purpose to Outdoor Space

Whilst ornamental gardens and long expanses of lawn have some appeal they serve less practical purpose in a crowded home. Whether it is growing kids and their company that is causing your home to burst at the seams or the need for a quiet workspace for professional pursuits there are simply too many days in a year that the outside is not a solution due to poor weather.

The addition of another structure on your grounds does not need to only include only a tool or storage shed. While not denying their potential usefulness you can as easily add a full purpose structure that enhances your home’s value, usefulness, and aesthetic appeal.

There are log cabins for sale that can be suited for nearly any purpose you might desire. They are available in kits of many different styles and sizes that can be chosen to fit your needs, purpose and budget. The kits make building the structure very easily with many doing the majority of it themselves though inexpensive tradesman are available to assist if desired for fast hassle free installation.

Why might you consider a log cabin on your grounds? There are many reasons of course but some very common ones are-

  • Playrooms for children
  • Addition of a home studio office
  • An art or hobby studio
  • For business such as home childcares
  • Most purposes can be dual purposed as guest house for company

Through the addition of a log cabin space that is simply looked at or requiring maintenance can actually serve genuine purpose. The addition of actual square feet of living space recoups cost by increasing your homes equity value as well as resale value. As more and more people begin to do work at home an office situated near but still allowing for quiet and no interruptions typical of converting a room inside the home is invaluable.

If you like to use your home for entertaining outdoors a small modified kitchen type area for beverages and porch add to the feel and atmosphere while keeping larger groups of guests more comfortably spaced. It is far more inviting than an awning on the lawn with a few chairs below it and can extend the seasons used for such entertaining by months.

So far as the economics of a log cabin structure – complete kits will cost roughly ½ of the cost of a similar sized room addition onto the main structure. There is no need to redesign weight bearing walls or extend an existing foundation to accommodate them. A simple poured slab is more than adequate and can be suitably finished with floor coverings to meet your needs.

Since the kits are prefabricated there is minimal actual carpentry work of cutting and framing involved. No need for architectural plans that need special code approval is usually required (though you should always check this with your code enforcement office locally). These conveniences make adding a full room or rooms of the size and purpose to your choosing readily available.


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