Basic maintenance can keep your lawn equipment running longer

(BPT) – Spring is just around the corner, so it’s not too soon to begin thinking about getting your lawn equipment ready. From lawn mowers to hedge and weed trimmers, you want to make sure those items are in good working order before you are ready to tackle the lawn for the first time. Taking the time for seasonal maintenance will mean more reliable equipment and a safer experience for you. Here are some great tips to make sure you’re ready to go for the season.

Use fresh gasoline: Most likely at the end of the season you drained the gasoline out of your lawnmower. Gasoline can become stale and when left in the lawn mower fuel system it will break down and can cause starting or running issues, or in some cases, damage to the fuel system. While there are some treatments available to stabilize the gasoline through the winter months, gas should not be left in the mower for more than 90 days of inactivity. The carburetor needs a “fresh” start every time, so using fresh gas is always optimal.

Change the oil: If your lawn equipment uses engine oil, changing the oil is an important step in the reliability and life of the motor. Using high-performance synthetic motor oil like Royal Purple SAE licensed and HPS engine oil will provide better wear protection and superior corrosion protection.

Check the cables: Be sure to check all cables and levers for wear and proper functioning. Depending on use, some cables may need adjustment. You will also want to check the belts for wear and replace them as needed.

Sharpen the blades as needed: Using lawn equipment that has a dull blade is equivalent to tearing off the ends of each blade of grass. Rough cuts like these can leave the grass vulnerable to sun damage and disease. Take a look at your grass after you’ve cut it, if the ends look ragged you need to sharpen your blade. Blades should be sharpened once or twice a year depending on the use of the equipment. You can either sharpen the blade yourself with the right tools or take it to a dealer who offers blade sharpening services.

Clean and lubricate: Clean all of the debris from the motor and deck and lubricate gears and other moving joints. Royal Purple’s Maxfilm is a multipurpose spray ideal for the lubrication of power tools, hinges, chains, open gears and lawn equipment. Formulated with Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec additive technology, Maxfilm can make equipment run smoother, cooler, quieter, longer and more efficiently.

Taking regular care of your lawn equipment will extend its life and keep your lawn looking healthier. With the right approach, you’ll enjoy your lawn all summer lawn without having to worry about major repairs.


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