Bathroom Updates on a Budget

Bathrooms receive an inordinate amount of attention when pondering remodelling but with good reason. Frequent use and water cause them to age and look old faster. Repairs are more common than in other rooms giving need for work on a more frequent basis. Comfort and convenient features are more easily appreciated there than in other areas.

Full bathroom remodelling can be very expensive and time consuming but updates that improve look and function can be done with a more modest budget and tighter time schedule. You can make minor repairs extend the life of your bathroom while adding greatly to the aesthetic appeal with a little planning.

Simple appearance and function updates can be done by changing out the old vanity mirror with a lit mirror. As well as a more modern appearance the energy saving LED lights are much more conducive to use for make-up application. If grout around the sink is chipped, worn, or yellowed simply removing the old grout and applying new with a good shine gives the appearance of a new sink while protecting from water damage.

To keep water damage from damaging your sub floor cut out the old caulk bead around shower and bath. Applying a new bead improves appearance substantially as well as a lot of protection against future damage from moisture or seeping water. Adding new faucet fixtures is a relatively simple task for a handy DIYer or inexpensive task for the plumber which will update appearance and save water.

If your enclosed tub or shower enclosure is leaking as commonly happens over time you do not always need to purchase a new one. Very often simply replacing hinges and seals will correct it. To get components for this try .

If you are tired of the old style shower curtain and want to give your bathroom a completely new look adding a glass enclosure for the bathtub or shower may be the route to go. It is often difficult to get an enclosure that fits properly on them if they were not designed for one originally or if they are older styles but that does not mean you need to tear out the old bath and replace it completely.

Have a glazier measure and cut a bespoke enclosure and simply order the barrier fittings to install it on the shower or bathtub. This will completely modernize the look of an older bathroom with virtually no reconstruction needed.

Finish off with a fresh coat of paint and your bathroom will be looking new as well as be in better repair for several more years. With new vanity mirrors, grout and caulking, new faucets, and a completely new bathtub enclosure a “looks fully remodelled” appearance can be had in a few weekends and under £1000 total cost.

While not to say a complete reconstruction does not have advantages and offer greater options and flexibility a simple full facelift can be used to good effect. If time and budget prevent complete remodel you do not need to settle for old.


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