Beautiful Rosewood Furniture For Your Home

Rosewood is one of the most sought-after woods for furniture making. Along with teak, it is strong, durable and able to withstand changes in temperature and humidity, which makes it idea for home furniture. It differs from teak in its colour – whilst teak is a light warm golden colour, rosewood is so named because of its rich tones, bringing warmth and security to any room, and delight to the face of anyone that sees it.

Before it even gets to the furniture maker, rosewood has to be carefully cut and prepared to ensure that it retains its strength so that it will last for years. The wood usually needs to be kiln-dried. This is a highly skilled process, because too much drying out will make the wood brittle and too little may leave dampness in the wood which will later warp or bend. It is investing time and skill in this part of the process that gives us the very best quality wood to work with when it comes to crafting a piece of furniture.

The tree that the rosewood comes from is largely native to Pakistan, so it’s no surprise that it’s usually associated with oriental-style furniture. In the hands of a skilled craftsman, this beautiful wood can be used to make reproduction oriental rosewood furniture, or more traditional western style pieces. This means that, no matter what your taste, you should be able to find a piece of rosewood furniture that meets your requirements.

Rosewood can be crafted into pieces that include:


  • Sideboards
  • Drinks cabinets
  • Nesting tables
  • Bed frames and headboards
  • Dressing tables

The attractiveness of rosewood furniture means that it is gaining popularity with traditional and new homeowners, as well as those who love the look of oriental furniture in their home. The blend of colour, strength, durability and style makes rosewood stand out from the crowd. Rosewood is also popular in show homes and placed in houses to dress for sale as it is attractive. Many people even choose to hire this type of hire quality furniture from places like


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