Build a stronger bond with your pet through love languages

(BPT) – A warm embrace, a thoughtful gift, a love letter – these are a few ways that people show and feel affection. Like us, pets crave affection too.

Pets provide so much love and companionship to people, and they deserve to feel that love in return. Just as each pet has their own personality, they also have their own love language – things that make them feel loved. Maybe that’s going for walks, earning a treat, getting scratches behind the ear, playing fetch or other ways they feel special.

There are many things you can do to show your pets you care. Knowing their preferred love language can help you create special moments each day to grow an even stronger bond.

Love languages between pets and humans

A new study from the makers of Seresto provides insight into the unique relationship between people and pets. For many pet owners, their dog or cat is more than just a pet – they’re a companion, a loved one and a best friend. According to the research, three-in-five pet owners say their pet is their true best friend over a human. And that bond only gets stronger when you understand each other’s love languages.

Ever wonder why your pet is always at your heels? Many dogs and cats show their humans love by being physically close. Research shows the top way pets show love is by cuddling, greeting you when you get home and following you around or simply wanting to be in the same room.

And every pet owner has their own way of showing love to their pets. In fact, 75% of pet owners are most likely to express their love by playing with their dog or cat, while 70% give extra attention and treats. Others say they express love by talking to and praising their pets, petting and cuddling with them or taking care of their health. Every pet is different, so observe what makes your pet feel special and make that expression of love part of your daily routine.

How pets make our lives better

Understanding the love languages between pets and humans is important because pets can have a significant impact on our emotional growth. According to the survey, most pet owners agree that their pet has helped them learn more about themselves, and even made them a better person. When asked about the top benefit of having a pet, 68% of pet owners say that keeping us company is the top benefit, while others believe it’s unconditional love (63%) and improving our mood (61%).

Parents have also reported how having a pet has positively impacted their family. About half of parents surveyed shared that their pets keep their children company and entertained, while also making them feel loved and comforted. Beyond companionship, two-in-five parents say having a pet has helped teach their children empathy and responsibility.

Our pets take care of us in so many ways, and it’s important we take care of them, too. Seresto cherishes the bond between pet owners and their pets and wants to celebrate the love languages we share with our pets. It’s those little things you learn about each other that make the companionship of having a pet such a special relationship. Learn more at


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