Cold weather fashion survival guide

(BPT) – The cool, crisp air, brisk breezes and snow falling outside mean the cold weather season is upon us. With the advent of the temperature change, are you ready to face winter in style?

National fashion expert Sydne Summer shares her top three expert tips that will help you remain fashionable and chic throughout the season.

Tip No. 1: Try a new trend

Two of the biggest trends you will see this cold weather season are peplum shapes and leather. Peplum, seen in both tops and dresses, is an elongated hem that resembles a short skirt. The style is flattering on all silhouettes and provides a touch of glamour on the coldest of days. From leather jackets to dresses and tops, women all over the U.S. are making classic leather cool. Paired with either jeans or business attire, leather can make a statement day or night. Sleeveless leather dresses are serving as an alternative to the classic black dress. “It is a bit edgier, but equally as versatile,” says Summer. Colored leather tanks can also brighten up the dreariest winter outfits.

Tip No. 2: Do not be afraid to go sleeveless

Going sleeveless is always chic, especially during the winter months. Traditionally, women have been afraid to shed the sleeves this time of year because of dry skin or a decrease in underarm upkeep. However, a recent study conducted by Dove found that 50 percent of women ages 18 to 35 will wear sleeveless tops when out with friends or at a holiday parties this fall and winter. Additionally, more than half of women feel sexy and feminine when they go sleeveless.

“When going sleeveless in colder weather it is important to moisturize,” Summer advises. “Skin gets dryer in the winter so make sure to apply lotion to your arms and a moisturizing anti-perspirant to your underarms.” She recommends Dove go sleeveless Soothing Chamomile Anti-Perspirant, the only anti-perspirant clinically proven to soothe shaving irritation and provide softer, smoother underarms in just five days, while also providing 48-hour protection. It is also the only formula that cares for delicate underarm skin with Dove 1/4 moisturizers, giving women the confidence to go sleeveless all year. More information can be found on

When choosing a sleeveless outfit, be sure to select styles appropriate for your body type. If you have a fuller bust, opt for v-necklines when going sleeveless. Alternately, if you have a smaller chest, aim for a high neckline. Petite women can also benefit from a sleeveless turtleneck, which helps elongate their frames.

Tip No. 3: Embrace layering for comfort and fashion

Just because it is chilly outside does not mean that it is time to pack away your lightweight tops. Layering is the perfect way to transition from fall into winter and ensure that you do not have to leave your favorite sleeveless styles behind. Eighty six percent of women across America agree that wearing layers makes it easy to change their look for different occasions throughout the day, and 78 percent of women prefer to layer over a basic sleeveless tank.

“When layering, pay attention to fabrics to avoid looking bulky. Lightweight fabrics are a safe bet. You always want the layer closest to your body to be the tightest. For example, a thin, form-fitting tank top works better under a dress than a long-sleeve knit,” says Summer.

You can also use layers to update old pieces in your wardrobe. Add a pop of color by layering with a bold scarf or bright pair of tights, or give last year’s coat a facelift by layering with a faux fur neck muff.

Looking chic when the temperature drops may seem challenging, but incorporating a few tips to update your style can help you look your best.


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