Creative Home Decor Ideas for Soundproofing Your Apartment

Noisy neighbours and the entire disturbance can really take a toll on your peace of mind. You might want to have a peaceful night’s sleep or to work on an important project only to get distracted from your noisy surroundings. This is especially common when you are staying in urban areas where the city is buzzing with noise from the traffic and you cannot find silence even in your own house.

If this sounds relatable then you should look into how you can soundproof your apartment to ensure that you have a calm space to come home to. You can use the creative home decor ideas mentioned below to soundproof your apartment and attain the much-needed peace.

By making a few changes here and there in your decor and tweaking it such that you incorporate ideas for absorbing sound, you can exponentially reduce the noise that is caused due to various parameters. Using the tips will also help you in blocking the unnecessary noise that comes from outside.

Creative Home Decor Ideas for Soundproofing Your Apartment


Wall Hangings

If you wish to make your apartment soundproof then you must invest in furnishings that are soft instead of hard. The reason behind this is that the hard surfaces reflect the sound and soft ones absorb it. So, if your furniture is made of soft materials then it helps in reducing the sound.

You can shop for wall hangings that are essentially made of soft materials. For instance, oil paintings, canvas paintings and the likes will absorb the sound which in turn will help in reducing sound that would otherwise get reflected from the hard surface.

Soundproofing Paint

It might be fascinating to know that you can now buy paint for your apartment that helps in soundproofing. So, all that you have to do is to buy the soundproofing paint and use it in the rooms that you particularly want to soundproof. Does soundproofing paint actually work? Read more about it here.

It should be noted that you might have to choose this option while being mindful of your budget. As this might cost you a little on the higher side, therefore, you should consider repainting only those rooms that are your priority.

Thick Carpet

Adding a thick carpet to your furnishings is yet another way of blocking sound and absorbing it. You can very well buy a carpet that will help a lot in absorbing the noise and reducing the sound that is produced within your lodging.

Another good way to augment is by adding a thick rug under your carpet. This will increase the layering of your furnishings which will help in reducing the noise. Moreover, it also helps a lot when you have to move the furniture of your place as it can reduce the noise caused by that too.


An easy way that you can easily start is by stacking lots of pillows. This is another effective way by which you can reduce the noise using home decor ideas. All that you require is a lot of pillows that you can use to absorb sound in your apartment.

You can opt for pillows that are fluffy and are big in size as they work more effectively than the regular pillows that you might have. Pillows will also add a charm to your home decor and you can go for attractive pillow covers also so that they add some glamour to your place while making it soundproof.


Did you know that using curtains that are layered help in absorbing the sound rather than opting for the regular ones? You can see the results for yourself. If you wish to soundproof your room, then you should opt for curtains that have multiple layers.

While choosing the curtains, you can also opt for the ones that are heavier than usual. When the curtains are thicker, they absorb more noise than the normal ones. You can also buy curtains that are made especially to block out the noise. However, this type of curtains might be expensive and so you should define your budget before opting for such curtains.

Sound Absorbing Art

There are a lot of companies out there that sell sound absorbing art and you can buy them to keep them in your apartment. These art pieces are specially designed to act as sound absorbents. They are priced on the higher side and you might have to check with your budget before investing in one.

However, you can also choose to make sound absorbing art by yourself. There are a lot of DIY projects that can help you decorate your space and also help in soundproofing your apartment. While picking the materials for your DIY projects, you can opt for materials that will absorb sounds like canvas, cotton and other soft materials.

Soundproofing Wallpapers

You can use soundproof wallpapers to absorb the sound and help you in your soundproofing endeavours. While you might not have heard of it, there are soundproofing wallpapers that are specially designed to absorb the sound that is usually reflected from the ordinary wallpapers.

The soundproofing wallpapers not only absorb the excessive noise that is there, but they also add a fresh look to your room. Thus, it helps you decorate your room and act as a sound absorber at the same time.

Final Take

You do not have to consider moving to another apartment just to get rid of the annoying noise caused by neighbours and traffic. You can make some creative home decor changes that will help you absorb the excessive noise and stop it from reflecting.


You can use extra pillows and soundproof wallpapers to absorb the excessive noise. A general thumb rule will be to opt for furnishings that are soft so that they absorb the sound instead of reflecting it. By implementing the above-mentioned ideas, you can easily make your apartment soundproof.

However, you should also take your budget into consideration while opting for the decor changes as some of them might be a little high end and you will have to switch to alternatives for similar results.


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