Design Trend Report 2023

(BPT) – “Style and design surround us — impacting how we feel, the personality of a room, or the energy of a space,” said Laura Grill, director of product design for Daltile. “As a fashion-driven brand, Daltile has just released its Daltile Trend Report 2023 to help homeowners, designers and architects create fresh, breathtaking spaces.”

Elevate Life

Positivity has become one of the most effective antidotes to counteract the pessimism of the last two years and the trend of Elevate Life embodies a bold positivity. Elevate Life celebrates with mood-boosting colors; tactile fabrics; bold patterns; oversized proportions; visuals that are playful, quirky, silly; and objects embedded with positive memories.

The colors of Elevate Life embody the desire for fun, surprise, humor and engagement by unleashing vibrant hues such as bright oranges, yellows, greens, blues and fuchsia. These bright colors are partnering with psychedelic patterns and round shapes, bringing back the vibrant ’60s and ’70s mood. Such Avant-Basic design broadcasts loud retro vibes through unconventional shapes (think curvy, wavy, elliptical), bold geometric forms, sculptural silhouettes and magic eye prints. The energy and optimism of the ’80s is also back via the New Maximalist aesthetic blending bold patterns, oversized proportions, multicolor effects, color blocks, boucle and velvet fabrics, floral motifs and the iconic Barbiecore.

Tender Living

Care and compassion find their voice through the Tender Living mindset that reclaims care to the fullest: care for self, others and the planet. Tender Living fosters well-being, cocooning, inclusivity and regeneration — expressing itself through Biophilic Design, multi-sensorial interaction, natural colors, sustainable practices, the beauty of imperfection and neutral Scandinavian style.

Tender Living’s color scheme supports us physically and mentally, stimulating mindfulness. Its palette includes variations of off-white, smooth grays and beiges, colors inspired by nature’s rare beauty and slow crafts: green from deep forest to sage tones, sky and darker blues, burnet brown (think eggshells). Tender Living finishes and materials celebrate nature and stimulate our senses through organic and wavy shapes combined with fluted surfaces. This aesthetic also embraces imperfection, highlighting untreated surfaces such as exposed cement, kintsugi finishing and texturized ceramics. Interiors combine Scandinavian Minimalism with Biophilic Design — creating an Organic Modern style. A key hallmark of Tender Living is connecting with nature, both indoors and outdoors.

Essential Luxury

The notion of luxury has been changing, refreshing the traditional indicators of splendor. The trend of Essential Luxury is about enjoying moments of indulgence in a new way — blending beauty with heritage and pop culture; crafts with high-end technology and sustainability; multi-cultural inspiration with Art Deco and Gothic references.

Essential Luxury finishes and materials celebrate uniqueness, giving life to lavish and multi-ethnic spaces by combining precious stones, colorful marbles, and onyx with velvet, lacquered wood and golden finishes. Forms and shapes draw inspiration mainly from the design of ancient civilizations, incorporating some Art Deco. Essential Luxury colors communicate richness and sophistication. Its color scheme explores dark shades and includes hues from Gothic style, black marble, precious red and green stones, and dark brown from prestigious wood. As for patterns, Essential Luxury focuses on exotic marble looks blended with animal print and tribal themes to create lavish and cozy interiors.


The new interior design trend of Dreamscape is influenced by the desire to escape the demands, disappointments and pressures of the physical world while finding relaxation, fulfillment and many times a new identity in the digital world. The rise of gaming, virtual reality, phygital interactions, and the metaverse developed in us a familiarity with digital visuals which have over time created an actual affinity for those types of aesthetics, because they can bring a sense of calm and escape. As with all trends, color is the foundation of interior design falling under this umbrella. Blues, purples, greens, metallics and black make up the Dreamscape palette. Mixed with these dreamy colors, are geometric shapes, magic eye reverberations, ethereal lighting and flowing movements. Metallic touches, slick finishes and precision designs are hallmarks of this interior design trend that generously embraces the stereotypical look of science fiction and futuristic ambience.

Seize The Day

The trend of Seize The Day embodies the mindset of living in the moment while making space for nostalgia and comforting memories. It is about rediscovering traditional craftsmanship techniques and materials. The color palette of Seize The Day is very earthy, focused on beiges, creams, light browns and a fabulous terra-cotta. Finishes and materials celebrate the beauty of desert dry touch and raw materials such as crude clay but with attention to comfort. There is also an emphasis on cords such as macramé, glazed tiles made from natural materials such as volcanic lava, and plenty of handcraft finishing. Forms and shapes draw inspiration from styles such as Modern Mediterranean and Southwestern Boho. They give life to tactile and comforting interiors by combining organic shapes, irregular and imperfect forms, and plenty of arches. Patterns also draw inspiration from dry and cracked earth and uneven natural surfaces.

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