Easy and affordable ways to spruce up your space

(ARA) – When seasons change, it’s also a good time to change out and update your home decor. Time and budget don’t always allow for a complete overhaul, so here are some easy and affordable ways to rejuvenate your home.

Reuse, repaint, reupholster

When you think creatively, it’s easy to give old belongings new life. Paint wooden frames or potted plant holders with new, bold colors to quickly add a hint of color to any area. Reupholster pillows with patterned fabric to liven up any room. Many craft stores sell scrap fabric for a fraction of the price. Or, spend even less when you repurpose gently used clothes by turning them into custom pillowcases. 

Simple swaps and switches

Try a new take on a traditional favorite. Candles are an easy way to add instant ambiance to any room. New Energizer Flameless Wax Candles are a long-lasting alternative that gives the same beautiful look and feel of traditional candles. Made with real wax, these candles create the same warm glow and realistic flicker of a flame with LEDs that never need replacing. The convenient four-, six- or eight-hour timer means you never have to worry about “blowing” them out.

One of the reasons decor can feel worn and dated is simply because it’s familiar to you. And, wall decor is one area that can be particularly pricey to update. An easy way to renew interest in existing mirrors and art is by switching their location in the home. Once it has been relocated to another room, you’ll find a new appreciation for something that’s been overlooked for years.

Create focal points

Affordable accessories are a simple way to update your space and help create focal points and pops of color throughout each room. Consider hanging different-sized picture frames together in clusters above a large piece of furniture, like a table, sofa or bed. Grouping frames creates one piece of eye-catching artwork to spark conversation. For a more vibrant look, paint frames in various bright colors. For a sophisticated look, stick with a uniform color of all white or black.

Display groups of colored vases or candles on tables, bookshelves or windowsills to draw eyes to one or two focal points. Flameless wax candles come in different colors, sizes, heights, scents and textures to fit any decor. Don’t be afraid to mix it up: pair candles in glass jars with pillars, use different heights and colors, awaken the senses with scented candles and create beautiful candlescapes anywhere for the perfect atmosphere. Because these candles have no open flame, they are safe to use around children and pets, in small spaces and near curtains or furniture.

With a little imagination, it’s easy and affordable to spruce up your space and add ambiance to your home everyday.


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