Electrolux Smart Boost Technology Washer and Dryer

Corey Decker from Sawdust 2 Stitches spruces up her laundry room with a fresh coat of paint and appliances that minimize effort and maximize effectiveness. Read more about her makeover below!

Electrolux Smart Boost Technology Washer and Dryer

After living in our current home for nearly 2 years, I FINALLY decided take some time and give my laundry room some lovin’. My only regret is taking so long to get around to it! I spend a decent amount of time every day in the laundry room. Granted I don’t particularly LOVE doing laundry, but now I am glad to report that I LOVE my laundry room. By taking the time to spruce it up and make some much needed upgrades I now enjoy it a little more.

In all honesty a fresh coat of paint and organization can take your laundry room from a torture chamber to a peaceful hub of cleanliness. However, if you really want to up your laundry room game, I would strongly suggest appliances that minimize effort and maximize effectiveness. Like I said, I have a small laundry room, but when it comes to appliances I pulled out the big guns! I chose the Electrolux Smart Boost Technology Washer and Dryer.

So you might be asking what makes it so special? Well, let’s start with the washer.

Even before your the detergent meets your clothes the washer is doing an extra step to ensure your clothes get as clean as possible.   Instead of putting the concentrated detergent directly onto your clothing, it first drops down to a chamber that allows it to premix the detergent with water before it ever touches your clothes!  The “Smartboost” technology ensures that all your clothes get washed with just the right amount of detergent.  This system maximizes your detergent to create a powerful yet gentle cleaning solution.

The Electrolux Smart boost is engineered specifically to amplify the potency of your laundry detergent, and when I  say laundry detergent, I DO mean all kinds of laundry detergent.  Yup, that’s right, the Electrolux works with detergent PODs too! It is the WORLD’S VERY 1ST washer ever designed to work specifically with pods!

So remember how I mentioned that the  laundry detergent is premixed with water before it ever touches your clothes?  Same applies to PODs.  There is actually a spot designated  for a pod to be added so that it too can first break down and premix to create a powerful, yet gentle cleaning solution that will be evenly distributed to your entire load of clothing.

Now that we know how it works,  let’ s take a look at some of my favorite features!  This model has all the bells and whistles.  It has a cycles designated for all of your laundry needs.

As a Mom of boys that seem to be a magnet for dirt and grass stains I am a HUGE fan of the  “Stain Soak Cycle”.   The Electrolux  can be tailored to target any number of stains.  How does it do it?  It can adjust the temperature, the tumbling actions as well as the time.  By adjusting these variables they have preset cycles optimized  for any specified stain!

Granted nearly all my kids play clothes could benefit from a nice long run in the stain cycle,  sometimes  I just don’t have the luxury of time.  That is where Electrolux has my back again!  This bad boy has a speed cycle AKA: “my best friend”.  This thing can knock out a full load in 15 minutes without compromising cleanliness!  Just think about it, your kids wake up for school and  you forgot it is “super hero t-shirt day” and NATURALLY,  Captain America Shirt is at the bottom of the dirty clothes pile… while I  have considered (Okay, fine it may have actually happened once…or twice.)  sending  them to school in a dirty shirt masked with the smell of Febreeze,  I now have a choice!  I cannot only be the Mom that appears to be on top of things, but  I can also be the Mom that doesn’t compromise my kids hygiene to do it. Winning!   I can now have Captain America out of the wash and into the dryer in 15 minutes!  Which leads me to the dryer

Isn’t she a beauty?  Is it weird that I think my appliances are beautiful?  Well if it’s wrong I don’t want to be right.  Not only is she a beauty, she has brains too! In the first 90 seconds of a dry cycle the moisture sensors  in the dryer can predict exactly how long it will take for the entire load to be dry, because of this technology it won’t over dry your clothing which can be harmful to delicate items.

But, before we get to far  ahead of ourselves, you may be pondering about our aforementioned  “Captain America” shirt saga  and our mad dash to catch the bus for school. Have no fear,  the dryer has a speed cycle as well! In 15 minutes you will have a perfectly dry t-shirt and be ready for “Super Hero Day”  like a boss.  Seriously, think about it, in the time it takes for my kids to get up, brush their teeth, pack their lunch,  find a shoe, find the OTHER shoe I can  have a load of clothes through the wash and dryer cycle!  I love technology.

Another feature that I am in love with is the “Instant Refresh”.  I know I am not the sole member of the “Dang it! Life got away from me for a hot second and I forgot I put a load in the dryer… 5 days ago.” No worries my fellow card holders.  The Electrolux has a setting just for busy people like us.  The “Instant Refresh”  does just that, it removes wrinkles and has you looking fresh and presentable in minutes!

While there are a million things to love about this set, there is one silly thing about this dryer that I really think is awesome. No joke,  I have invited friends to see my new laundry room makeover and I get excited to show them the lint trap. Yes, the lint trap.  But in all seriousness look at this lint trap!

How brilliant is this?  Instead of having a lint trap that is the traditional exposed sheet of screen, this one has and encased screen compartment.  Now when you pull out the lint screen you don’t need to handle it as if you were James Bond deactivating a bomb.  It is all contained and you don’t need to fear that all the compacted lint you just removed from you clothes will fall back down into the lint trap or worse!

It may seem like a silly feature in comparison to all the brilliant technological advances these machines have to offer,  but that’s what I love about them, they  have all the features I never knew I always needed!

Every feature has been thought out, and perfected to help make our lives easier, more productive and ironically  spending less time in the laundry room! (Now, if only they could keep my kids on task while putting away their clothes… a girl can dream.)  My new Electrolux appliances truly have it all, the brains, the brawn, and the beauty!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and following along.

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