Fashion influences gardening trends for easy, eye-catching flowers

(BPT) – You’re getting ready for the day and decide to wear a chic blouse paired with your skinny jeans from your favorite designer. You’ll be feeling and looking good with minimal effort thanks to ready-to-wear fashion.

In fashion circles, ready-to-wear clothing is what designers produce for shoppers to easily buy and wear without modifications. Essentially it makes your life easier because you get on-trend clothing that instantly looks amazing.

Fashion influences a variety of industries and gardening is no exception. The ready-to-wear fashion concept has evolved into what flower experts call “grab-and-go gardening.”

“People want a stunning, standout garden without a lot of hassle, and that’s why the concept of flowers that are ready to go and grow is so popular,” says Claire Josephson, garden decorating expert. “These grab-and-go styles are easy for gardeners to plant and are full of instant, long-lasting blooms in modern color mixes that enhance your outdoor living space.”

This season, you’ll see fashion’s influences as soon as you enter your local gardening retailer. Josephson says petunias are the perfect example: expertly designed premixed petunias take the guesswork out of decorating and mixing colors, so it’s easy for experts and beginners alike to design eye-catching pots, hanging baskets, flowerbeds and more. Try any of these 2017 ready-made gardening trends this season:

Bold colors: Pops of color can bring energy to your wardrobe and your garden. Bright, bold colors are always on trend for the summer. Select flower mixes make a statement in your seasonal decorating with festive, vibrant hues. Wave Firecracker mix petunias add richness to your landscape with a crowd-pleasing combination of coral, purple and blue. Unlike real fireworks, these colors won’t quickly fade.

Mixing it up: Mixing patterns and textures is popular in fashion, and it’s starting to be seen in gardening trends, too. Have fun blending texture combinations to create a customized look that reflects your personality and makes your home stand out from any other on the block.

Explore combinations like Lemon Dream and Razzle Dazzle that feature Wave’s signature spreading petunias and incorporate additional colors and textures with high-performing annuals like verbena, calibrachoa and phlox.

Classic styles: Basics are the foundation of any wardrobe, and a classic approach to style is always in season. If you prefer to stick to the classic gardening styles, choose mixes that are perfect for subtle splashes of color, making decorating easy, simple and timeless.

The Wave Lovin’ It petunia mix is an excellent choice; designed by experts, this mixture of violet, pink and yellow is a classic splash of color that creates full, eye-catching garden containers and flowerbeds and complements any decor.

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