Finding the Right Hot Tub for your Backyard Renovation

When looking to renovate your backyard, one easy way to pull off a new yard that your family and friends will love is by adding a hot tub.  While buying a new hot tub may seem like an easy task, there are several different features to take into account when searching for your perfect hot tub.

  • The Cover.  Always ask your retailer what cover comes with the hot tub as this is a very important component of your hot tub that many buyers overlook.  These covers range from between $250 to $500 and if you are stuck with a cheap cover, there are bound to be problems.  If you are living in an area that receives annual or year round snowfall, be sure to buy a cover with thick plastic sheeting to prevent water from snow melt seeping into the Styrofoam insulation and making the cover extremely heavy and reducing its effectiveness dramatically.  The thickness of the Styrofoam insulation is also important, as the thinner the insulation is the more costly it will be to keep the water heated.


  • The Shell of the Hot Tub.  The shell is another component of the hot tub the can increase the insulation of the hot tub and save you from high heating bills.  Shells on cheaper hot tubs do not come with foam insulation under the hard cover of the shell and heat will easily escape from the underside of the tub, while other hot tubs may have the foam insulation on the underside of the shell, allowing for insulation on all sides of the tub when the cover is closed.


  • Weight.  If you are planning on placing your new hot tub on a deck or other raised surface, be sure to check the weight rating of your deck and be sure to check the dry weight and wet weight of the hot tub you are purchasing.  Remember, you shouldn’t assume your deck can support the weight as hot tubs cause severe damage to decks all the time.

Overall if you do your research on Hot Tub Comparisons like the one on FindTheBest, you will be sure to find the right hot tub that will become a staple in your new backyard.



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