Focus your bathroom remodel with a striking visual statement

(BPT) – There is nothing more inviting than a luxurious, well-appointed bathroom, but no matter how ambitious the remodel, there are unique challenges that come with every project. Whether updating the guest powder room or redesigning the master bathroom of your dreams, from plumbing and lighting to budget and space limitations, there is a lot to be considered. One way to approach a project is by defining the space through singular choices that will move an everyday interior into a space to remember: an extraordinary marble vanity, exquisite lighting fixture, classic vessel sink or deep soaking tub — pivotal pieces can set the stage upon which all else revolves.

How you choose that signature piece to take your room to the next level can be intimidating. Here are some approaches to help make your dream space a reality.

Make a statement

Once you’ve decided on that one stand-alone piece, it’s time to draw in all the secondary players to complete the interior and fit your particular style. What do you want to visually highlight or contrast to bring the design center stage? Is it a particular color or family of colors that are more welcoming than others? Are there certain textures that naturally appeal to you — smooth and polished, or organic and irregular to the touch? Do you prefer classic design elements or those with a modern edge?

Innovations in the bathroom have revolutionized what’s possible. Large bathrooms have the space to create inspired retreats, from scene-stealing freestanding bathtubs to spacious glass-enclosed, walk-in showers equipped with multiple showerheads and the very latest in technology.

Another stylish alternative is the vessel sink. Whether making a grand statement by pairing them or as a singular statement in a smaller space, a vessel sink is a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Most require the same standard footprint as a drop-in basin, and there are quite a selection of vessels to choose from, including designs handcrafted from glass, carved from stone or cast from bronze and other metals.

One of the latest designs is the KALLISTA Myam Decorative Vessel. Crafted from solid bronze, the Myam Vessel has an interior of satin bronze, polished bronze or white satin bronze, contrasted by a textured eggshell exterior of matte black or matte white. With its classic lines and rich finishes, the Myam is just one example of how a vessel sink can visually impact your interior in a significant way.

Color and texture

Neutrals remain a confident, versatile choice, allowing you to layer varying shades to create depth and weave in pops of color to add visual excitement. If you do select a vibrant color, highly veined marble or elaborate detailed flooring allow it to play a larger role within your interior design. Mix in metals or other neutrals to complement and support those key design elements.

Texture also adds character and personality to a room. Fixtures featuring hand-rubbed multi-layered finishes create warmth, highly-figured marble and stone add dimension and irregular patterning only nature can provide, while natural wood lends an organic component to the interior. Playing with textures and surface finishes has never been more interesting — and today’s choices are more varied than ever.

Know the limitations of the room

If you have a small room to work with, you do not want to overwhelm the eye with too many elements. Keep lines clean and simple, and let the one signature piece command without competition from other design elements.

If there’s limited natural lighting, consider adding mirrored effects to enhance the lighting within the room. Antiqued mirrored cabinet finishes and wall tiles such as recent innovative designs by Robern and ANN SACKS reflect light within the room, adding dimensional depth and glamorous sophistication.

For rooms with high ceilings, a chandelier can center and balance a room while adding dramatic flair. Choose a traditional or modern chandelier that suits your style. If ceilings are lower, decorative flushmount ceiling lights or wall-mounted sconces provide a beautiful addition to an otherwise unremarkable room. Switching out lightbulbs with vintage Edison-inspired bulbs can completely change the character of a light fixture, adding charm by giving the lighting design an acquired feel.


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