Four Gorgeous Garden Ideas for Fall

Winter may be on the way but that’s no reason to neglect your garden. Here are four gorgeous garden ideas to work on through the winter season.

Built in Garden Seating

If you want to create a social space, seating is essential. However, if the space you are working with is limited, you may feel that a large outdoor table and chairs won’t work. Build a curved wall in your garden and use this to create alternative seating. Dot cushions all the way along it and you have a compact seating solution that is great for gardens of every size. This is not only a functional addition to your garden but it creates a fabulous focal point and turns a boring garden into a sociable outdoor space.

A Fabulous Fire Pit

A garden isn’t just for the summer months. As long as the weather stays dry, you can still provide a welcoming environment to your guests. The main concern when entertaining guests in winter is ensuring that they are warm enough. A fire pit will ensure that your guests stay cosy when the temperatures drop and it will complement the curve of your built in garden seating as your guests can huddle around the fire.

A Rustic Garden Bench

If you have a large family or an ever expanding group of friends, you may need additional seating. If you are looking for a DIY project, you could build your own garden bench or you could take the easy route and buy a curved bench online from somewhere like Garden Furniture Centre. You could use one or two benches to complete your seating arrangement and create a symmetrical look that will make your outdoor space aesthetically pleasing.

Mosaic Garden Path

If you want to add a feature to your outdoor space that is guaranteed to make an impact, a mosaic garden path is guaranteed to give your friends and family a severe case of garden envy. The options are endless and you can choose to be as dramatic as you please in terms of design.  Don’t be afraid to use colour as these tiles often create the best pathways. This website has some fabulous tips should you need a little inspiration.

So, there you have it, four fantastic garden ideas for the season ahead.



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