Funtosee Nursery Train Wall Decals, Blue

Decorate a little boy’s nursery, bedroom or playroom with a traditional Steam Train pulling four carriages and billowing clouds from FunToSee. Filled with gorgeous and cute patterns, the Steam Train set can be used to create a beautiful nursery feature 48″ wide. Lovely on it’s own to create a feature wall, or as the baby grows combine this pack with FunToSee’s ‘Blue Collection’ Alphabet and Pennant wall decals to decorate the whole room. FunToSee Steam Train wall decals can also be repositioned, and they can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth too. When you are ready for a new look, they peel off easily and cleanly. Bring a playroom to life or create a perfect baby boy’s nursery wall feature. Proudly made in the UK by FunToSee. FunToSee was founded in 2001 by a mum looking for something imaginative and yet simple to use to decorate her first child’s nursery. Over a decade later FunToSee have become a trusted and recognized nursery wall decor brand all over the world. Instructions: Simply open the decal kit, peel off a decal and apply the decal to a clean, dry and flat surface. Use a soft cloth to smooth over the entire decal image, especially the decal edges. To reposition or remove the decal, peel the decal off the wall slowly. Stick the decal back onto the decal kit backing sheet to store for future use or when moving the decal to a new location.Create a chugging steam train decal 1.3m wide with 25 wall decals
Perfect Baby Shower gift
Mix and match with coordinating designs from FunToSee’s ‘Blue Collection’
Repositionable and cleanly removable