Garden and Valentines… Perfect!

This coming February, love is in the air! Aside from thinking of gifts you would give to your loved ones and doing things that would make them feel loved and special, you might want to put an extra care and affection to your gardens as well. There are some studies that your mood depends on the things surrounding you, and gardens are one of the places a person most likely want to check out. Be in the mood for love when you look at it this Valentines! In this article, we will give you some tips on how to create a Valentine theme for your garden.

Things You Need to Place for a Valentine-inspired Garden

1. Red Roses

Red roses are a symbol of love and passion, and there is no doubt that red roses are people’s favorite flowers. The fragrance of red roses and their endearing appeal speak volumes especially to women on Valentine’s Day. If you’re one of those typical gardeners who stock flowers which look nice but have no fragrance, start buying roses as early as now. Choose to delight your Valentine’s senses by filling your garden with no artificial perfume but the scent of natural roses. If you can’t find enough red roses in your area, you can also settle with lilies, lavender, orchids, hyacinth and jasmine. Then prepare a arranged with similar flowers and personally give it to your special someone.

2. Bush Trimmed Figures

Another botanical design you can make are trimmed figures of your bushes. If you are skilled, cut those bushes into the face of your loved ones. You can also spell out “I LOVE YOU” or some sweet messages hidden behind the shapes of the plants. By default, you should at least have one heart bush where you can take pictures later. You will see that your hard work will be worth it when you see happy faces of your guests upon appreciating your ultimate romantic gesture.

3. Statues or Valentine Gnomes

Small structural designs in your botanic area would look great on Valentine’s Day. These can be statues indicating love characters like Cupid and Athena or Valentine Gnomes. Make sure they are positioned not too far away from the plants and let them blend with the garden well.

4. Petals on the Floor

Don’t you just love seeing petals on the walkway in your garden? If you have rocks and landscape materials, you can better design your garden with petals scattered all over. Don’t just stick with red roses this time but make sure to choose complementary flower colors like white, pink or apricot roses. Spend time removing the petals in each flower and like a flower girl in weddings, throw the petals from a basket or whatever onto the ground for that majestic Valentine feel. 

5. Heart-shaped Wreaths

You don’t have to be too stiff and place only colorful flowers in your garden for hearts day. Be creative and gather your most colorful flowers and install them with wires to create wreaths. Wreaths usually are circle or round in shape. But there’s no strict rule that you need to only abide by this. Instead, create heart-shaped Valentine wreaths and even mix buttons and ribbons to make it look craftier. They are practically easy to make. You may even hung Christmas lights on them to make your garden bright even at night—for that very romantic dinner!

Valentine’s Day is an event that does not need to be that luxurious. Just as long as you are happy staying and living the day with your sweetie, you can enjoy this moment not only outside the house but also in your own garden.


Author bio:

Lee Otto is a landscaping enthusiast who owned a Landscaping business founded in 1999. Lee Started his company with one crew, a Bobcat and truck and trailer. Over the last 13 years Lee’s landscaping has evolved to become one of the Twin Cities premiere Landscape Design Build firms.



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