Get ready to enjoy your home’s exterior beauty

(BPT) – It’s time to make your home’s exterior shine with some added summer curb appeal. You can quickly do the easy stuff – wash your windows, plant annuals, install pathway lights – to spruce things up. But you should also consider those projects you’ve been avoiding.

* Is your wood deck cracked, gray and seen better days, but still structurally sound? Do you have a concrete patio that is patched, cracked and just unsightly? Instead of replacing it, resurface your deck, patio or sidewalk. This isn’t a back-breaking, time-consuming job anymore. RESCUE IT! Wood and Concrete Resurfacer is easy to use with standard paint and stain supplies. The 100-percent acrylic formula fills in cracks up to a quarter-inch wide, according to manufacturer Olympic. Choose from 110 colors to match your current color scheme or create a new one. The resurfacer creates a mildew- and slip-resistant finish that provides waterproofing protection. This product is available at select Lowe’s stores. For more information, go to

* Banish weeds from your landscape. Of course, this isn’t easy. Dandelions seem to pop up overnight. Weeds arrive in nursery containers, packaged grass seed and even your pet’s paws. You need to be diligent in removing them, especially before they have a chance to seed and spread. If you apply an herbicide, remember that these products are non-selective, which means they’ll destroy anything green, from weeds to grass. Talk to an expert at your favorite nursery or garden store about solutions.

* Refresh your wooden fence and deck furniture. Give them fresh, new looks or just refresh the current finish for your next summer get-together. Olympic Exterior Stains will go a long way in extending the life of your exterior wood, providing durability throughout the years. They provide a waterproof and mildew-resistant coating that will help your wood stand up to all the seasons. You’ll find products for all wood types, applications and budgets available at your local Lowe’s stores. For more information go to

* Make sure all your hoses and sprinklers work. Before it’s time to water your landscape, test all of your hoses. When you run water through them, do you see water spraying through cracks? Attach your sprinklers to your hoses and turn on the water, to see if all the holes in the sprinkler send out adequate supplies of water. It could be time to buy some new hoses or sprinklers.

* Get your mower ready for the season. Put in some gas and turn on the engine. How does it sound? You might need to buy some new gas, too – don’t depend on gas left over from last year. If you haven’t had your mower tuned by a professional for several years, this might be the time for it.  

Get the jump on these outdoor chores, so that you’ll be able to enjoy many months of relaxing fun in the sun.


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