Gonesh Collection Nag Champa – 4 Pack-Extra Rich Incense, 4 Piece

Gonesh Incense is a great way to introduce the wonderful benefits of incense to your friends and family. Our quality incense and easy-to-use holders are to delight Gonesh newbies and veterans alike. With a variety of fragrances included in our Extra Rich and Classic lines, you can find the perfect fit for any situation. About our Incense: Gonesh continually strives to elevate the level of fragrance delivery by working with creative and skilled perfumers, by using the highest quality raw materials, and by our exclusive use of High Charcoal. Gonesh Incense has the highest charcoal content of any brand currently on the market – It delivers the purest, cleanest burn, and crystal clear fragrances. About our Company: We’re out to change the image of incense in America. By making our incense in the bustling city of Chicago, we can that our incense is high quality, ethically sourced and environmentally responsible. Today Genieco’s Gonesh brand includes a variety of “green” and practices, including a recent installation of Solar Panels on our warehouse rooftop. We take great pride in supporting green energy and do our part in reducing our carbon footprint. DIRECTIONS: Hold a lighted match to the coated end of a stick until it glows; blow out flame. Place sticks in an incense holder, a flowerpot, or a glass filled with salt, sand or earth. Be sure that the ashes fall on a fireproof surface. WARNING: Keep burning stick away from flammable articles such as papers, drapes, etc. Do not allow sticks to touch any varnished, painted, plastic, etc. surfaces. Never leave burning incense unattended.EXTRA RICH FRAGRANCE: Gonesh Gold Collection is a complete collection of single note fruits, florals, woods and spices
4 PACKAGES: Contains four 20-stick packages of incense, totaling over 80 hours of rich fragrance.
NAG CHAMPA SCENT: Floral and earthy, a complex fragrance sporting woods and aromatics. Flash back on your favorite rock concert with this fragrance.
GOLD QUALITY: Enjoyed by millions; our unique fragrances are known the world over. Gonesh Incense can be found in stores in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, China and more!
ETHICAL PRACTICES: Gonesh Incense utilizes fair trade labor and environmentally responsible production methods to give you the best incense around. MADE IN CHICAGO, USA. Packaging is recyclable.