Handy hacks and simple tricks for DIY projects

(BPT) – Have you ever left a reminder on a small scrap of paper because that is all you could find? Or ran out of room when writing an important message? No matter your profession — from construction and manufacturing, to culinary and education, to even around the house — there’s always a message or reminder to communicate.

A study conducted by Post-it® Brand found that 30% of non-office workers have had to re-do work after a communications snafu. That stops today with Post-it® Extreme XL Notes — featuring 3x the writing space, they are durable, writable and water-resistant. Visible from five feet away, these notes are the go-to tool to communicate your entire message so you can get it said and done the first time.

Designed to stick on rough, textured and curved surfaces both indoors and outdoors, Post-it® Extreme XL Notes are a simple solution to a multitude of issues. Use them in hot, cold and wet environments and watch as they hold in the most extreme conditions. From DIY projects to meal prepping to classroom education or construction site jobs, these notable industry professionals give their tips and hacks using this handy communication tool.

* Turn something old into something new. Kevin O’Connor, host of “This Old House,” isn’t new to the world of DIY and construction. O’Connor recently converted a 100-year-old vanity top into a patio serving board using the notes, including instructions for cutting and staining to ensure there was no re-work throughout the process. To see his step-by-step demonstration, check out Kevin’s Instagram channel — @KevinOConnorTOH.

* Meal prepping just got easier. As a culinary expert, a frequent face on Food Network on shows such as “Guy’s Grocery Games,” host of “Let’s Eat” and mother of two, Brandi Milloy uses her free time wisely. Meal prepping for her family is a game changer and using these notes is a great time-saving hack. Milloy sticks notes all over the kitchen, trusting they will stand up to extreme temperatures and stick on no matter the surface. From posting cooking instructions by the oven to labeling containers in the freezer, Milloy knows they will stay put throughout the week! For more kitchen hacks, check out Brandi’s YouTube channel or BrandiMilloy.com.

* Homes aren’t built in a day. No stranger to the extremes of the construction industry (especially in the Arizona desert), Brad Leavitt, President of AFT Construction and General Contractor, has made these notes a must-have on job sites. Frequently referring back to measurements, Leavitt can count on his trusty communication tool to hang on during the windiest and hottest days. Communication fails cost construction companies $17 billion a year, according to the 2018 PlanGrid FMI Study, so whether he is framing a house or sorting steel and copper piping, Leavitt knows his instructions will stay for the next crew member. For more ways to streamline communication on the jobsite, head over to Brad’s Facebook page.

* Barbecues with a twist. Matt Robinson, Food & Lifestyle Blogger for Real Food by Dad, has a go-to hack to master the art of barbecue — write down the recipe steps to always have handy. Robinson never has to worry about the notes because they can withstand high temperatures. The extra-large size ensures he can fit the full recipes. For the full recipe and more BBQ hacks, check out Matt’s blog — Real Food by Dad.

* Learn your ABCs and 123s. If anyone knows life hacks, it’s teachers. As an educator, Jillian Vaz uses these notes regularly in fun and inventive ways. Vaz knows in order to engage students, she has to be creative. She uses the notes in her outdoor classroom, having students write reading responses to stick to a brick wall for discussion. Vaz also uses them for classroom organization, including labeling containers and cubbies without worrying that they’ll come off no matter what each day brings. For more classroom hacks, check out Jillian’s blog — First Grade Made.

Whether you’re at home, or at work, it is important to stay organized and communicate effectively. With the new XL Notes, woodworkers, mothers, teachers, chefs and more are sure to stop the re-work and get the job done the first time.

Visit Post-it.com/Extreme for more information.

Data statistics about communication are results from a Post-it® Brand survey conducted by Wakefield Research among 1,000 U.S. workers, ages 18+, who work in non-office settings, with statistically significant data among the following industries: education, healthcare, trades/construction, manufacturing and culinary, using an email invitation and an online survey.


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