How Bedroom Design Can Lift Your Mood

The Home Depot partnered with Laurel and Wolf, an online interior design service, to help you transform your bedroom design. Find out how mixing up your bedroom design can help improve mood, relieve stress and help you rest easy.

How Bedroom Design Can Lift Your Mood

We’ve all woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe you went to sleep too late or it’s been a stressful week. But what if the reason that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed was the bed itself?

Bedroom design can impact sleep quality, your mood and more. So how do you get it right? We’re glad you asked! Read on for our tips on how to make over your bedroom to get better rest, reconnect with your partner and wake up happy.

Sleep Easy

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Having trouble sleeping? Design can help. Bright colors and loud patterns can be inspiring and exhilarating, but if you’re a fitful sleeper, you might want to opt for a calmer palette. Choose soft neutrals and add visual interest via cozy textures like cashmere, cable knit and linen.

The next step to better sleep in the bedroom? Keep it clean. If there’s a pile of laundry next to the bed or a stack of work papers, it will cue your brain to focus on the work undone rather than trying to unwind. Keep desks out of the bedroom if possible and leave signals of work in another room.

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Lighting also plays a big role in our sleep patterns. Put smartphones and other light-emitting devices at least three feet away from the bed to remove the temptation to use them before you snooze. Add dimmers so that you can turn down the brightness, signaling to your brain that it’s time to go to sleep.

Be Creative

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Hearing that alarm clock go off each morning can make life feel like a grind. But what if the room you woke to truly inspired you to get up and greet the day? If you’re looking to bring some creativity back into your life, consider adding design cues.

Set aside a dedicated area for the activity that you love.

If you’re learning to paint, pick a beautiful easel for the corner.

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Or, if you’re a writer, create a cozy nook for reading, journaling and brainstorming.

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Amateur chef? Group together beautiful cookbooks on your bedside table.

Another key to maximizing creativity? Make your space functional. Pick furniture in durable fabrics that you don’t have to constantly worry about. And be sure to let the light in. Sunlight is known to impact brainstorming, focus and mood.

Improve Your Mood

We all think we want the kind of perfect spaces that we see in magazines. But designing for the person we think we should be instead of designing for who we are can actually create subtle stresses. Embracing your favorite quirks via a bold wallpaper or a beautiful painting can help you feel at home and grounded in your space.

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Another big mood improver? Natural elements. The presence of living plants in a room has been known to reduce stress and improve concentration. Studies have shown that furniture with rounded edges can also improve positive brain activity.

Color is also a big factor in mood. Choose blues, greens and grays for a soothing effect and bright pinks, oranges and yellows to lift your spirits.

If you need help redesigning your bedroom, let the designers at Laurel & Wolf help!

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