How design features can bring simplicity and serenity to the bath

(BPT) – During stressful times, the home can become a sanctuary. From soothing color palettes that evoke a sense of calm to high-tech features that make daily tasks feel a bit less strenuous, design choices are crucial in curating serene spaces. This is especially true in the bathroom — the room where people escape to cleanse and recharge.

Refined elegance

Elegant design does not require over-the-top stylistic features. Instead, focus on elements that are beautifully understated. Create a refined aesthetic that combines clean lines and curves with luxurious materials and finishes to achieve an unassuming, timeless space. To bring this style to the bathroom, a space that should feel and look fresh, make deliberate design choices by removing features that distract from the beauty of the space. There is power in simplicity; an alluring force that can elevate any room.

Serene sanctuary

The bathroom is a place of livable serenity within the home. Regardless of the size of the space, it is important to create the feeling of openness, which will truly transform it into “the spot” to come back to and to relax in after a long day. Curated style choices, such as a light color palette, soft-textured accent pieces like plush towels and wood features or other organic elements, create the feeling of airiness akin to the serene design found in spas.

Water plays a key role in the bathroom, and fixtures that are both purposeful and elegant should serve as the pathway to bring this natural element to life in the room.

Showcase water as a design element by selecting faucets and fixtures that bring the design and details of the space together in a harmonious fashion. Create a sanctuary that perfectly captures the intrigue of minimalism. Incorporate the smooth contours and sleek aesthetic of the Allaria™ Bath Collection by Brizo®, offering effortless beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship. The collection transforms simple forms into functional works of art. By combining curved geometric shapes with striking split finishes, the fixtures achieve a look of soft modernism.

Sophisticated customization

Style is highly personal, and the functional components found in the bathroom are no different. Further tailor a space by selecting specific, exclusive finishes. The Allaria™ Bath Collection debuts three irresistible split finishes, including Brilliance® Black Onyx/Matte Black, Polished Chrome/Clear and Brilliance® Luxe Gold®/Clear, to bring further distinction to design and unique personalization. The collection provides an added layer of customization through the pairing of finishes with the new clear handles, ultimately creating a smooth look.

Another way to achieve a personalized bathroom experience is by selecting versatile technologies that will effortlessly enhance the bathroom and allow for a heightened sense of luxury. From steam showers to warming towel racks, convenient innovation takes the place of extraneous features, fashioning a truly unique environment. H2Okinetic® Technology is available on a variety of shower components within the Allaria™ collection, to create an indulgent shower experience. Powered by groundbreaking design that harnesses the natural energy of water, the technology directs water through specially engineered chambers in the shower head to create a luxurious spray.


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