How to improve the “sell-ability” of your property

If you are already and set to move and have your house up for sale there is nothing worse than having to wait a long time to find a potential buyer. In an economy where it is becoming more and more difficult to buy it is a fact that obtaining and securing a mortgage has become increasingly difficult for your potential buyers, because of this it is more important than ever to do all that you can to speed the process up.

Below are a few quick and easy tips to help make that distant dream move a closer reality.

Clean and clutter free

Potential buyers that walk into a cluttered house will think two things. Firstly how untidy the home is and secondly presume that there isn’t enough storage in the property. Keep it simple, sometimes less is more and by doing this the potential buyer will be more likely to start to visualise their own personal items and furnishings in the property.

Maximise curb appeal

Maximising curb appeal can be a very simple and effective process. If there is a garden at the front exterior of the property keep it clean and tidy by cutting the grass and trimming the trees and bushes. Remember you can’t change first impressions therefore they are vital.

Keep it de-personalised

Again less is more. Personalisation of the property is great if you are planning on staying there however not so great if you are planning on selling it fast. Although de-personalisation may prove difficult when the house is still being lived in, the importance cannot be overlooked. Highlighting the key features and focal points of each room such as the dining table, the fireplace and the bed in the bedroom is made easier when there is less personalised clutter around.

Fix it

Any outstanding maintenance left to do on the property should be completed before inviting viewers around. No matter how small the fix maybe, potential buyers will automatically start thinking about how much it is likely to cost them, which in turn will damage their confidence and their offer.

Appeal to the senses

Smell- If you have pets or a family member that smokes. Have a good clean and spray air freshener before a viewing. You could try baking or opening a few windows to add to the freshness in the property.

Be competitive

If the price is too high compared to the current market it will struggle to sell. Consider reducing the cost to a level tempting to potential buyers. This could increase the chances of a “bidding war” which in turn could make the price closer to the original sale price expectation.


About the author: Chris writes on behalf of the who specialise in high quality oak furniture for the home.


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