How To Paint Your Fireplace

Painting your fireplace brick is easy, affordable and can create a stunning focal point for your room.

How To Paint Your Fireplace



  • Wire Brush
  • Gloves
  • Roller Tray Set with Brush
  • Textured Roller Cover
  • Eye Protection
  • Mask

Step 1: Prepare for Paint

How To Paint Your Fireplace - Prepare for Paint

Cleaning brick, then painting it can get a little messy, so be sure to use painter’s tape and drop cloths throughout the process to protect walls, flooring and the surrounding woodwork.

Step 2: Scrub the Brick

How To Paint Your Fireplace - Scrub the Brick

Give the brick a good scrub using a stiff wire brush to knock off any loose grout or dirt. Vacuum thoroughly. If there are any grout or mortar repairs to be made, make them now.

Step 3: Remove Soot

How To Paint Your Fireplace - Remove Soot

Using a degreaser, clean the brick thoroughly. Wipe it down with rags and/or rinse according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A citrus-based degreaser can remove light grime, but if you’re dealing with years of soot, you may need a heavy-duty product like TSP. Always wear gloves, eye protection and a mask.

Step 4: Prime the Brick

How To Paint Your Fireplace - Prime Brick

With the surface clean and dry, seal it with a high-quality primer.  Use a paint roller to apply two coats here as brick can be very porous. Be sure to use a roller cover that’s designed for textured surfaces.

Step 5: Paint the Brick

How To Paint Your Fireplace - Paint Brick

Once the primer is completely dry, finish up with a fresh coat of water-based semi-gloss latex paint. Use a textured roller and brush to get into all the nooks and crannies.

NOTE: If you’re painting the firebox INTERIOR, you’ll need a heat-resistant specialty paint, also available at The Home Depot.

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