How to Pick the Perfect Duvet

Just like getting your mattress right, you should make sure that you’ve got a duvet that suits you too. It can have more of an impact on your sleep than you might think, so it pays to have a little forethought. Here’s what you should look out for:

Tog Rating

The tog rating is a number which tells you how good an insulator the duvet is, which means that the higher it is, the warmer it’ll keep you when it’s very cold. Generally, tog ratings start off at 3.0 and increase right up to 13.0. It’s a good idea to have a couple of duvets; one for when it’s going to be cold, and one for the summer months. There’s nothing worse than being too hot in bed, so don’t go overboard; a higher rating is not always better. As an example, 10.5 is generally recommended for average room temperature.


Duvets are of course designed to be larger than the bed they go on, to ensure you’re all tucked up. This means it’s important to get the size right, whether you’re looking for a single or super king.  Always check dimensions against the covers you plan on using, as different manufacturers can occasionally use different measurements. Having a duvet inside a different sized cover can be pretty frustrating and uncomfortable. This Wikipedia article explains the different sizes.


There are generally two different materials that your duvet will be filled with; synthetic and natural, and there are pros and cons with each of them.

  • Synthetic fillings are considered less luxurious, and are cheaper as a result. They are often less durable, thought they won’t need fluffing up quite as often. If you or your family has allergies, then this is generally the best choice, as many synthetic duvets can be washed in a machine.
  • Natural duvets can last a very long time, and are considered to be the most comfortable option. They are more expensive however, and must be cleaned by a specialist rather than yourself.

Choosing a duvet isn’t too difficult, but following this advice will mean that you get one that’s right for you. Visit the Elysha Charles Sleep Emporium to find a great range of duvets.


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